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I recently acquired an AX-15 transmission and want to swap out my current BA-10/5 for it. I don't have any donor parts from the original vehicle, so I need to make sure I purchase all the correct components.


If I purchase this adapter, I should be able to use the existing x-member and mount, correct?



And I know the 4wd shift linkage is different, so I'll need something like this?



The X-15 was pulled from a '92 XJ, so I believe I should be ok with the existing hydraulic throwout bearing (I believe '93 and later need the external slave cylinder).


I'm placing it in a 1989 MJ, and from what I've read, the later BA-10/5 outputs could be either 21 or 23 spline, so I'm not sure if I need a new input gear for the t-case.


Also, is this the correct pilot bearing I would need?


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It should be. I don't know how to read that scale so I can't verify. But as far as that mount goes I though I would be able to use it as well but the answer is no. A lot of the trucks are different from one another and i was able to put put the rubber mount on the bottom of the ax15 and get it into the front 2 crossmember holes without any modification 

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Yeah, calipers aren't too straightforward, but because it's exactly .750, you just read off the zero on the right. If it aligned with another number, that would just indicate a fraction, like .755.


And you're implying that the mount is hit-or-miss, and it may fit perfectly, but could also need modification?

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