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best front wheel drive car ever?

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1 hour ago, Swampy said:

IMO the best fwd car ever made has to be a dodge neon srt4. 2.5l 4 cylinder turbo :brows:



we once owned a turbo PT Cruise with a stick.  it was a blast to drive. :D  but sometimes the torque steer was a beast to control.  :crazy:

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1 hour ago, mjeff87 said:

Dodge Omni GLH turbo......:applause:



I didn't have a GLH, just a regular 2.2L.  Bestest car I ever owned.



I'm in the hunt for a clean GLH as my DD once it retire. It will look nice sitting beside my Charger in the garage.

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24 minutes ago, DirtyComanche said:


I do have to admit that such a rolling environmental disaster is rather cool in its own way.


They were a blast. You could bore out that 3-banger to 850 cc's, throw on a set of triple throat carbs and a GT exhaust w. expansion chamber and get almost 60 HP out of them at @ 5500 RPM. They were screaming LOUD and dominated ice racing on Lake Champlain until the Olds Toronados came out. My Swedish grandfather used to race them back in the 60's.

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