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I was going though a Cherokee at my local junkyard and saw this yellow box


 little research later, I found this to be the cruise control module. So I look up to see everything I need and found a website that has the factory manual on the cruise control system. Link to it http://jeep-manual.ru/index.php?page=78  Also Haynes manual for Cherokee/Comanche/Wagoneer on 12-31 has the electrical diagram for the cruise control15227840599511593326792.jpg.17138360dbc350f2c72d41d5600b3df6.jpg

 List of items you will need:

Cruise Control Module


Control Servo 


Speedometer Cables Upper and Lower. Upper cable is picture below


Speed sensor


Turn signal/ windshield wiper stalk with cruise control switchIMG_20180403_153947807.jpg.3b7756b67233d86dc29676b2677bc11d.jpg

Wire harness


Clutch Switch not necessary but is nice if you have manual transmission

Vaccum Valve/Brake Switch i believe 



Finding Parts 

Most of the parts are behind/under the dash near the gauges and steering column. The Servo is in the engine bay on the passenger side near the closed coolant bottle. Speedometer lower cable is near the output of your transmission/transfer case.


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Problem #1 My valve/switch is missing the internal components.The C4 Corvette uses the same Valve/Switch. The plan is to go back to the junkyard and get one from a Cherokee or a C4 Corvette or i will have to order one. The link below is to the cheapest one i could find new. 


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Went back to the Junkyard today and found the valve/switch in the c4 corvette that was in the yard. The valve/ switch is in front of the brake pedal.       IMG_20180406_193120130.jpg.ec5e4ae87515500b0a73c3ec8d81212f.jpg

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One of the first item that needs to be changed to allow cruise control to be installed is removing the old speedometer cable that is one piece and replacing it with a two piece cable with a sensor before the gauge cluster.  Make sure you find the right lower cable for your Comanche. You will need a longer one for 4wd and a shorter one for RWD.  

Step 1: Removing the cable from your transmission/transfer case output.IMG_20180414_114518318.jpg.9aa632e9a2ff40f9167d1a895526f9f7.jpg

Using an adjustable wrench loosen the nut on the speedometer cable and pull out the cable.

Step 2:  Pull the cable out from underneath until you reach the engine bay.

Step 3: Removing cable from gauge cluster.

Loosen 4 screws holding dash trim on. The screws are located 2 at the top of the gauge cluster, 1 above the headlight switch and 1 above the cigarette lighter. Remove dash trim.


Next, loosen 6 screws on the outer edges of the gauge cluster and warning lights. IMG_20180413_181829436.jpg.5d5f8aadea3357804bed5ad9e83a4493.jpg

   Now BECAREFUll PULLING THE GAUGE CLUSTER OUT. YOU ONLY NEED TO PULL IT OUT ENOUGH TO REACH BEHIND IT.   Disconnect the wiring harness behind the gauge cluster and the wiring harness behind the warning lights. Lastly, press down on two tabs on the speedometer cable to disconnect the cable from the gauge cluster. Move the gauge cluster to safe space for better room to work on the cable and to prevent damage to the gauges. 

Step 4: Removing Old Cable out of Engine Bay 

 Open your hood and look at the driver side firewall and locate the speedometer cable below the throttle cable.  IMG_20180414_115713942.jpg.8eee932e3c00e78cbedd3a55705a53f6.jpg

Go under the dash locate the speedometer cable and pop out the rubber plug around the cable. Push the cable through the firewall. The end of the cable may angle up due to the weight of the cable, so you may have to pop the end off to get it through the firewall.  Feed the cable down until it drops on the floor. 


Step 5:  Insert the lower cruise control cable into the firewall make sure the rubber plug is in. Small end goes to the gauges and larger goes to the transmission/ transfer case. Feed the cable down the side of the engine and try not to place cable near anything hot or moving parts. On the cable, there is a point that secures the cable to the control arm and pushes the cable onto the bolt. Next feed the cable over transmission mount and transfer case. Insert the cable into your transmission/transfer case.  Tighten the nut until secure. 


Step 6: speed sensor and upper cable install

Tighten speed sensor on the end of the lower speedometer cable. Next screw on the upper cable. 


Step 7: gauge cluster and dash trim install. 

reattached the two hardness to their locations on the gauges and warning lights. Install speedometer cable on the back of the gauges. Next, push gauge cluster to the proper location and Screw the 6 screws that secure the warning lights and the gauge cluster. Install the dash trim and screw the four screws back into place.


Check and make sure the lower speedometer cable is not touching any hot and moving parts. 




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