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I did a thing... A flatty thing.


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I've always pined after an original flat-fender, relegating them to something I would only get years down the road. I search every once and awhile looking around, but nothing ever really seemed interesting. A couple weeks ago, a little fella washed up in Iowa and I had to go check it out. The body appeared well weathered, patina for days. The seller didn't know much about it, only receiving it in trade for a pickup he had. At first glance it looked pretty rough, but looking at the pictures I could see new seats, gauges, wiring harness, and exhaust. The rear axle was fresh black satin paint, as the trans/trasfercase... Battery new, generator redone... Enough to see there was more under that wrapper.

I made the 3 hour trip for me, and discovered a worn soul with a heart of gold. It clattered to life in a garage filled with a '63 Split window vette, and a later model vette next to it. A Willys sign hinted at the Jeepster nearby under a cover. Chrome and flash abounding. Then there was this little bruised and discolored tin can humming in the corner.

My hunches in the pictures were accurate. Beneath the body riddled with 69 years of work, "Just fix it" repairs, and stress cracks was a redone driveline and electrical system. New tires, new wheels... Sure, the body has seen better days... but what it lacks in structure it makes up in raw character. Oozing with stories. The frame had been repaired up front by the crossmember, as in back by the right leaf spring hanger, but nothing because of rust. Just stripes from nearly 70 years in the working class. I dug it. Without so much as a drive, we talked money, and agreed upon an adoption fee.

Now that I've bored you with text... Pictures baby.








































I don't know much about the history of it other than I was told it came from Wyoming at some point, and that someone put a ton of money and time into the hard parts, while not touching much of the patina at all. My kinda person.

So far I flushed the coolant, changed the oil (HOLY CONDENSATION in the dipstick tube, about had a grabber), and just got parts in today to rebuild the bell crank, the drag link socket, and the right inner tie rod to get rid of the wander in the steering. I'm in love. I've never experienced such eyes, pointing, and neck breaking in a vehicle before.



I am a purist at heart with a love for a story. My plans are to keep this thing as original as I can. As long as the body can hold itself together on top of the frame, the history it has will continue on.



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