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Finally had some time to wrench on this beauty , replaced the carpet finally and got the interior back together mostly. Still have some little things to install like my b pillar lights. Here’s a few pics of the progress. 



floors look amazing still. 







overall pretty satisfied with the carpet. Only downside is that it’s not perfect in the pedal area which bothers me slightly but I think it’s more my fault. I think I could do this better the next time around :L:

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Haven’t updated this in a while but I do have the new headliner and sunvisors installed , and the interior back together. I just got done pulling a pretty clean dash off an xj for this thing last week. Next step is getting that bench reupholstered ! 3ACEDB6C-5E5D-46F1-8029-9F48F57DFBAB.jpeg.65d4fc6bab07413f1dd9645d475ed289.jpeg28ACD277-9C5B-427D-91FB-3E858ECFB777.jpeg.bc5561f7bd8ac1e08fc149cebe7f3a5d.jpeg

I knew I had to have it when I saw this dash. 

random pic of her  


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Welp , the Peugeot in this one feels really great , and don’t have plans on getting rid of it.....

   but i was at the jy and saw an xj with a external Ax15 , couldn’t help but bring it home with me as a just incase, especially after experiencing how nice my Ax15 swapped 87 feels now :laugh: :brows: 

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