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Welcome to Comanche Club on IPS 4.2!

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Comanche Club has moved to a new host has been upgraded to IP Community Suite 4.2.  Which has all the new modern fancy features of web sites these days.  Please respond here with any issues you come across and they will be added to the Known Issues list below.

What is New

  1. Browse -> Gallery!  You can now upload pictures directly to the site.  Guidelines will be written and put on the page, but basically it is intended for hosting Jeep Comanche related content.  Pictures are currently limited to 2MB each.
  2. Responsive mobile view.  Mobile view in a mobile web browser is cleaner and easier to use.
  3. The text editor works well again!
  4. Nearly full secure HTTPS support.  Some third party hosting sites are referencing insecure HTTP locations, but all of comancheclub.com is 100% HTTPS.

Coming Soon

  1. Scrape Photobucket to CC Hosting

Known Issues

  1. The dark theme is not ready yet.
  2. Some content will look funny until all the content rebuilding is done.  That is estimated to be about four hours from this post time.  Unfortunately it goes from oldest to newest.  (Done)
  3. CC Logo needs to be cleaned up to work in the new skin.
  4. Email notifications are not going out.  (Fixed)
  5. Funky sizing of avatars on posts.  (Fixed)
  6. Email sending is randomly slow/timing out and causing the 504 Gateway Time Out issues if your action requires creating a notification to another user.
  7. Emoticons
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Replying to topics should be fast again.  There was a super dumb issue with the sendmail application that required a few hours to over a couple nights to figure out.

Works well for me, perhaps I bought the pro version without ads, but it's nice to have a photo upload method from my phone without having to worry about which forums support photos in what way shape o

Posted Images

One thing I noticed is that on the mobile site, it's difficult to tell which threads you have not looked at yet or ones that you have commented on (before the text was in bold and highlighted if you hadn't opened it and a star was next to a thread you commented on).   They all look the same on the main page now.  


Edit: it's working now. 


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15 minutes ago, Dzimm said:

The words are covering the pictures on mobile.  It makes it hard to read depending on the picture.


Fixed.  I thought I could get away with a CSS change and have it show up on desktop only.

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Is there any way we can fix where the thread opens up to?  On the old version, if you reopened a thread you had previously viewed, it would start you at the most recent post.  Now it starts you at the beginning of the thread.  This is fine for short ones but for longer threads, scrolling constantly is annoying.  I haven't checked to see if it does this on desktop but it does it on mobile for sure. 

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1 hour ago, Keyav8r said:

Great job!  Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this.  Will we be able to upload images directly from phones or tablets?


I know you can on Android.  On iOS... Uh, good luck.  Apple hates usability.

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First of all, well done and thank you for the hard work, the site looks great!


Is anyone else using tapatalk? I tried to open the site initially and i was not able to log in saying "Invalid username / password". I use a password manager so I know its right. So then I removed it from my homepage on Tapatalk and re-added it. Now I get an error when trying to pull it up that says:


"There is a problem with the forum. Please contact the forum admin or try again later. (Code - 2209)"


Not a huge deal, but I use tapatalk to post photos so it would be nice to have that work. 

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