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To continue on with the terrible 2020 year in the Comanche, I ordered a new, fully assembled head from Clearwater Cylinder Heads.  Because the same exhaust valve had broken twice, I didn't want to take any chances. My girlfriend and I slapped it on in a weekend, and ended up having to carpool across Denver for a week in it because our other cars were out of commission.  It was running so well that we decided to attend the 2020 MJ Takeover (we considered it impossible after the St. George incident).


Once again, it ran super well, maybe better than ever, from Denver to Moab.  We averaged 16-17 mpgs with all of the wheeling and camping equipment in the back.  


Here's pictures from our first campsite.






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This should give you a good idea!

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10 minutes ago, Jesse J said:

Uggh can't wait to go down to moab and participate in the takeover next year. hopefully I have my lift installed and am regeared by then. your rig is so clean


It's definitely the best time I've ever had wheeling.  There's enough rigs that you don't have to do the difficult trails, and there's enough wheeling and wrenching experience that you don't really have to worry about much.  Thank you for the compliment!

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When we got back from Moab, the Jeep sat for about a week.  When I drove it the next time, it had a misfire in cylinder 6 (disappointing considering the work we had just completed).  A compression test showed that cylinder 6 had about half the compression of the rest of the cylinders.  I broke down and took it to a shop, which is where it currently sits as of December.  It didn't get driven from September on.  Huge disappointment, but hopefully it gets fixed proper this time.


Here's a side bar.


Because every vehicle I own had a major issue at one point this year, I had to pull my 1976 Dodge Power Wagon out of storage to daily drive.  At the beginning of 2020, I had done a one ton swap on it, along with floor pans (which is something I hope I never have to do again).


So here's Bessie.  It was my first vehicle, cost $500 back in 2010-ish, and has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned.  Over the last two months, I've been daily driving this across Denver every day, even with a non-existent clutch.


1976 Dodge W100

318ci , NP435 manual, NP203 full time 4x4

Kingpin Dana 60, 14 Bolt, 4.10 gears, open/open for now

315/70/17 BFG KO2's









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