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17 hours ago, Pete M said:

oh yeah, I do love a project getting wrapped up and enjoyed. :D 


if you can, try to upload the pics to the CC directly :L:  just in case Imgur ever pulls a photobucket on us. :( 


Will do.

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Thanks means a lot. It definitely has come a long way. hoping to get the last little bit done this summer

Are they ever truly done? I seem to keep finding stuff to do.

No Jeep is ever truly finished.      but of course that doesn't mean that more is automatically better.   

Posted Images

I wired up the tail lights/turn signals. 


As far as 96 xj tail light wiring goes (from top to bottom pictured)

xj side (left side of pic) to mj side (right side of pic)

solid tan   to    brown w/white tracer = driver side turn signal

blue w/red tracer     to     solid blue= running lights/parking lights

white w/tan tracer    to   grey w/blk tracer= brake/stop lights



When I first ran it like this I had all functioning lights except the passenger side turn signal. the hazards worked fine but not the turn signal. 


For the turn signal I had to find the pass side connector (inside the cab where the harness splits) and find the wire that was hot when the pass side turn signal was activated. 

I had to run an extra wire from the pass side reverse light socket to the passenger side turn signal power supply to get it to run properly.

 *simply cut and splice into the power supply for the reverse lights and run about 8-9ft of wire to the cab depending on routing*


Currently ran along the pass side frame rail, will probably move it to the driver side at some point


This was me testing the wires to see which one had the power. As it turns out the tan wire w/ grn tracer was the turn signal power. don't worry the connection was soldered and heat shrink before final assembly.


Final product (turn signals are now in the reverse light part of the housing) so yes currently don't have actual reverse lights 


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Side note 

got my electric fans wired up and installed. 1 pusher and 1 puller fan on each side of the radiator helps keep the temps way down. 



Also got the stereo to work. Radio stations do not work because I don't have an antenna. But throw a CD or connect an aux cable and music plays only from the pass side speaker :doh: will figure that out eventually.




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9 hours ago, MiNi Beast said:

so, umm, yea, can you stand on them?? :thinking:

Yes indeed you can. I stood on them and shifted my weight around and the whole rocks with the sliders

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Started putting miles on the jeep and so far it is a blast to be behind the wheel again. 

I already have a list of things I want to improve on the jeep but I want to enjoy it for a while before I tear into it again.



 Wendy did have an issue running hot but as it turns out it was because the previous owner of the cherokee I pulled the engine from didn't have a thermostat installed. Now she cruises at 215 no worries. large.IMG_3211.jpg.d14771cedc3e8a42eb508cb2f9d23c67.jpglarge.IMG_3159.jpg.2c26d138f12540040ccbc25096e6dd45.jpg


I thought the 5.13s+35s+4.0 would be an issue driving but turns out its not so bad. 60mph is about 2300rpm and 65 is just over 2500rpm. 

The speedo is only off by a smidge.


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Sept. 26, 2020 

First real trail day in the besides just mud. Went out to Lazy Springs Recreation park out by Naples, FL. It was a blast. I did have quite a step learning curve with a manual on the rocks but it was a fun time. Jeep did way better than expected and I didnt break anything. I will upload videos soon


Trailed the Jeep to the park as I wasnt sure I trusted the jeep to drive there and back quite yet. 



Jeep flexes amazing and has no issues stuffing a 35" tire. She looks good doing itlarge.IMG_3258.jpg.017ca4fcdabb96b9750f41ea2e62de18.jpglarge.IMG_3260.jpg.b77e0dc6342624d9c5ad42e41d08ea00.jpglarge.IMG_3305.jpg.ddad12859e3c72400d449dcb7170359b.jpg

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18 hours ago, MiNi Beast said:

let more air out of your tires. :doh:

I did but I didn't have a tire pressure gauge to check how much pressure was in the tires and I didn't want to lose a bead

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