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gotta say... this method of cargo transport hadn't occurred to me...

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The DOT would have a heart attack if they saw that.. how'd they even get the boats up there??

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This got shared in one of my Facebook groups. Guy claimed to have just done 2200km, ~1300 miles, like that.

For reference, the Niva in the back weighs about 2600lbs in stock form, and is roughly the same height/width/length dimensions as an XJ that got chopped off around the back seat.


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16 minutes ago, Pete M said:


My dad has a story about this. They used to do it all the time when he was a kid. Then one day as a young teenager he was driving with his much younger brother up front and his sister and mom in the canopy, and was just coming off the highway into town when the throttle linkage came apart and stuck it wide open. It was a home built camper with no windows, and needless to say my grandma was less than impressed with him when he finally found somewhere safe to stop after weaving around through town at full throttle for a few minutes.

But the story was more about how he diagnosed the issue on his own and found a rusty nail sitting in the pullout and used it to fix the throttle linkage. 10 years later when my grandpa sold the old farm truck it still had the nail in place.

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