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So my old Ford just wouldn't cut it as a commuter any more, traded it for a 95 4.0 5 speed. Someone had lowered it so within the week that was fixed sits on 32in at w 4.5in lift. Using

90s ford t-bird springs and strut tops

90s blazer bastard pack and shocks

No name lift shackle

Rough country steering set up

No name 2.5in wheel spacers

And home made rear bumper


All for 120 bucks at the wrecking yard.

Will post pics soon as I remember how.


My question to you all is when I do my regear (3.07+hill+32s+highway speeds=pain) would it be better to toss the Spartan (think) i found or track down the volvo g80?

Basically lunchbox vs lsd in a daily?

160 mi a day

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Spartan in the rear, Selectable or a Eaton/Volvo G80 up front, IMO, is the best bang for the buck on an occasional wheeling rig.


What are you going to regear to, by the way?  It's my understanding that 3.55 would be perfect for a 4.0/5-speed/32" tires. (Also easiest axle and ratio to find at the junk yard to swap in, and way cheaper to go that route versus paying for a regear)


I have 4.10's in my MJ, same engine/trans/tire combo, and they're a bit too deep.  I should've stayed at 3.55 since I already had those in the truck.

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Thought the lunchbox I have was d30 spific?

I was going 4.10 since I have it already for d30. Found the lunchbox and gears in the same axle.

I tow often enough to just regear it. But one day the planet's will align and the wife will let me get some selectable lockers in there.

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4.10 should be fine.

I have 32's with 3.73 in my 88 MJ 4.0/pukegoat and it does decent (probably mostly with the F8.8 lsd)

But wish I had more.

When I bought the truck it had a heavy utility bed, 235/75's and 4.56's

Even without the utility after I swapped a regular bed on it, it was more peppy and I liked that.

I may go 4.56 for the fact that I will probably end up with 33/35's in the future.

My 4wd swap is priority right meow though.


I also have an XJ with 32's on it (ran 31's prior to JK wheel swap) and it has 4.10 gears with an auto and it's very decent.


I say, if you find a good priced pair of 3.55 geared axles to bolt in do that and see how you like it. Otherwise, go 4.10 unless you really think you will go to a larger tire sooner than later.

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24 minutes ago, sang_route said:

Ive sold myself on the 4.10 gears with all the towing and climbing I do for work.

Still curious on using the locker I have or track down the Volvo g80?

Anybody daily on a lunchbox?


Side note where is a good spot to host pics?


I run a Spartan rear locker on my XJ.  4.10 C8.25.  Has great road manners.  Sharp turns, and you'll hear it clicking (which is normal).  I run 75W-140 gear oil to help quiet it down some.

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