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Colorado: Parting out '89 long bed

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Picked up a rusty MJ with no title. Lots of good parts. Some I can ship, others because of size will not be shipped. PM and ask, we'll see what we can work out.


'89 longbed 4x4, 4.0 auto A/C truck. D35 rear. 280K+ miles on the drive train but it does run and drive well.


Sold or spoken for already:


-sun visors

-tcase floor shifter bezel

-complete wiring harness for engine and cab.

-front and rear brake assemblies


Parts that are NO GOOD:

-header panel

-all front lenses are cracked or busted



-bed (pretty rusty behind fender flares and lower rear fenders and banged up on pass side)

-lower dash panel / ashtray - cracked and busted

-carpet - just nasty and tar-like goo on pass floor

-Steering column - ignition punched, housing busted



Prices - listed to show local pick up or shipped:


Tail lights - $80 or $100 / pair shipped SOLD

Tail gate - SUPER straight, no bondo, no rust through. Lower seam edge has minor rust starting in areas but very solid. $200 (no ship)

Rear bumper (very nice, seems to be recently added) SOLD

Tail gate and bed rail protectors - diamond plate, 4 pieces. Could easily be cut to fit short bed. $60 (no ship)

Cab / bed light with dash switch - $25 or $35 shipped SOLD

Fuel pump / sending unit assembly - $45 or $55 shipped SOLD

Rear brake load sensor, arm, axle bracket set up - $45 or $55 shipped

Rear flares, inner liners and metal brackets (can't guarantee all studs will survive removal) $40 or $80 / pair shipped

Rear window gasket - if I can remove it in good shape - $45 or $60 shipped

Passenger side OEM mirror - $10 or $20 shipped.

Mirror delete panels - $10 or $20 / pair shipped.

Door panels (simple, non fabric or map pocket) $30 or $75 shipped

Sun Visor clips and bezel - $20 or $30 shipped


Truck bed tool box, near new, excellent shape. No keys, but easy to get, code is on the locks. SOLD


The front tow bracket is one piece and could probably be shipped by simply putting the label on it. This could also be a neat base for a simple winch mount and retain the OEM front bumper. $40 or $65 shipped.


The front bench seat on this truck is in great shape, recently reupholstered. I can sell the seat local for $100. If you want the seat upholstery and possibly the foam, I can strip it off, fold and box it. $150 shipped. SOLD



PM for any other inquiries.



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