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Changing diff fluid Dana 35 (SEE PICS)

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Yes, to properly drain you'll need to remove the entire cover. Clean the mating surface on the diff AND the cover. Use gasket maker before installing the cover obviously. Tighten all the bolts in a star like pattern. Install the new fluid via the fill hole. You'll know you are filled once fluid starts coming out of the very same hole you used to fill with fluid. MAKE SURE YOU ARE PARKED ON LEVEL GROUND!

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That's the way I've always done the axel fluid change as well.

Normally I loosen the fill plug first, pull the cover, clean it up, bolt the cover back up with a new seal, top off until gear oil flows out of the fill hole .


The other way it can be done I to snake a hose to pump out the fluid and then refill. Some of the newer jeeps this is easier than getting all the crap out of the way to get the cover off.

But I prefer removing the cover where I can just to fully drain the old fluid and get an idea of what happening with the axel.



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you can also suck the fluid out.

Then there is a tricky one time mod that makes it easy. Drill out  a small whole on the bottom of the plate about 1/2 inch up from the housing. then tap it and put a plug in. then draining is easy. I have done this. Then once drained, I push a little bit of clean fluid in the top and wait till it comes out nice and clean. I never got why on most diffs they never put a drain plug. I change mine every year since we pull heavy loads in 4wd lo all the time in the back 40.

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Can i use the drain hole on the cover to refill the diff?  


That's not a drain hole -- that's the fill hole. With the truck on a level floor, fill until the fluid level reaches the bottom of the hole.


Remove the diff cover to drain.

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