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TheCodeMonk's 91 MJ - Rocky's slow build

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Thanks!  Tent is sold to a lovely couple who came down from Canada to pick it up.


Back on topic though...I stopped by the shop and got into some good conversation with the owner and the techs there about what's going on. 


First...the progress updates:


The gauge cluster fits great!!!



Also, the shifter switches fit in a factory-like location.  Huge thanks to Rory (owner of RADesigns) for prototyping and putting that together! 


This gives me the ability to leave it running like the stock shifter from the silverado for when my wife drives (she prefers it that way), but still do manual-like shifting for when I'm on the trails or if I just feel like it (as well as control how the torque converter behaves in manual mode...nice strong hold in any gear on downhill segments, for example).


Speaking of shifters...the winters shifter needed to be raised a bit so that I didn't smash my fingers when putting it in park.  The Hazzard Fabworx guys made a mount that puts it perfectly (and will keep my hand warm when I have the heater rolling haha).



Now...onto the bad:


This is the view from the top, for clearance to run the radiator hose and fill neck, as well as the plumbing for the air intake.



Sadly, there's just not a lot of room with the truck spacing.  I talked with Luke (owner of Hazzard) and his techs and what I think I will do is convert the whole accessory package to corvette spacing, buying approx 1.5" of room.  Then we'll move the PS reservoir somewhere else.  That has the additional consequence of switching the side that the upper coolant hose has to run from the drivers side of the engine, to the passenger side.  That's great news!  That should give us plenty of room to run the air intake pipe around to the drivers side of the bay (like stock, which means I may be able to hook it up to a snorkel later if I want) and there won't be any interference to the coolant fill neck.

To convert to corvette spacing, I need to:
- Switch out the crankshaft balancer
- Swap out the water pump (thankfully, the 2001 camaro pump works for both F-body spacing and corvette spacing)
- Remove the spacers on the accessory brackets and swap those to the tiny one (only for the passenger bracket)
...and I think that's it.

Additionally, they mentioned it would be a lot simpler to tune if I stuck with the fuel injectors that came with the truck.  Truck injectors are shorter than the car injectors, so that means getting a spacer kit for them to lengthen them out.  Lastly, they mentioned a billet fuel rail would be good to grab too...didn't need to be fancy, but it would help.  So I got that on the way too (oddly, the Holley "Sniper EFI" branded one is the cheapest one on Amazon that doesn't have crap reviews).

Oh...one last thing.  The SD508 ear looked like it was going to hit the hood.  So...I got the SD7B10 mini compressor (the little compressor the Geo Metros use).  It's just going to do actual A/C work for a tiny cab, so a tiny compressor should be fine.  The holley diagram for the brackets show it as being lower than the alternator, and the alternator looks like it clears just fine.

So, I got all of that ordered up and the parts should arrive today, and I'll drop them off at the shop tomorrow.  My Amazon garage looks like I have a million cars with all the mixing and matching of parts.


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