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March 2017 ● Newton's '89

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This is fun, isn't it? I really get a kick out of the monthly search for MJOTM. Sometimes it's difficult trying to sift through the masses of build threads. Sometimes a build thread seems to come to a beautiful finish line just in time to make it in for the following month. This is such month... and it's a shoe in!







1989 Base 120k+ original miles 


Rebuilt Stock renix 4.0 with Bosch type3 injector upgrade

Magnaflow exhaust


Aw4 Column shift, NP231 with Boostwerks Engineering HD Shift Linkage

Axles- Dana 30 Front with Rugged Ridge Diff Cover..29 spline Chrysler 8.25 Rear Powertrax No-Slip traction system


Closed system, volvo expansion bottle cover

97+ XJ Thermostat housing with Aftermarket coolant temperature sender

Hayden Automotive High Performance Trans Fluid Cooler

Inline transmission temperature sender


Stock.. slightly modified fuel sending unit (fairly accurate fuel gauge readings except in reverse because of switched polarity)

4.5 inch lift

HD track Bar, HD Tie rod HD Steering Stabilizer



Heating and A/C

Custom blue carpet

Custom Headliner

reupholstered Bench Seat


Rear ZJ Drum to Disc Conversion with XJ prop valve with zj internals and Rear Height sensing valve eliminate

Drilled and Slotted rotors front/rear



Custom Blue LED dash lights

LED B-pillar lights

Modified Isuzu Rodeo dome light

LED H4 Headlight Bulbs

20 inch Bumper mounted LED light bar, 50 inch roof mounted LED light bar

Auto Switching LED white DRL lights that switch to amber when using turn signal


Aqua Blue Metallic paint

97+ Xj facelift with doors manual window winders


15x8 Tuff T01 Wheels with 33x12.5 Mastercraft Courser MXT mud terrains



A-Pillar Dual Gauge pod with Trans Temperature gauge and coolant temperature gauge

Custom Ipad mini Magnetic In-Dash Mount

Bushwacker fender flares

Smittybilt xrc front winch bumper with bull bar

10,000 LB Smittybilt X20 winch with Synthetic rope

Wolo Bad Boy air horn













Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ●

Was looking for a beater truck, something cheap mainly to carry gear on spearfishing trips..A friend of mine told me he knew a guy who had something for cheap so asked a cousin of mine who knew more about trucks to accompany me so when we got to the place and saw the truck my first impression i knew there was no way i was going to buy that in such terrible shape There was no carpet on the floor and what looked like years of rat droppings by the amount that was there not to mention the smell.. it went from bad to worse when i popped the hood engine looked a mess not to mention an incomplete harness chewed up by the rodent colony..and lets not forget the rust, it was everywhere from the floor to the entire windshield frame..my cousin told me we were wasting our time and we had better just leave  but what really sparked my attention was despite of the fact that it was in such terrible shape she started in one the engine sounded strong..the other thing was the fact that i saw "JEEP" embossed on the tailgate not only was it the first time i saw a comanche...i had no idea jeep even made a truck..knowing that jeeps are reputable vehicles just the idea of a jeep truck intrigued me so in spite of the discouragement from my cousin i went home that night and decided to do some research online about that truck and right after that first google search i caught the disease... So i ended up paying $500 for her the next day signed up at comancheclub.com and the rest is history...

CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ●

Comanche Club is awesome because not only are the members on here very knowledgeable about Jeeps but they are always willing to pass on the knowledge to guys like me who knew nothing about jeeps and even though as a newbie we tend to ask some silly questions sometimes, no one makes you feel dumb or belittle you like you see happening all the time on other forums but instead you are enlightened. CC has taught me so much not only about jeeps but ive acquired skills i never knew i would be able to acquire and has made me a more confident Do-It-Yourself er That is why CC is Awesome



Wow! From its beginnings as a scruffy primed truck to what it is now is an amazing transformation. Quality time as gone into so many little details and everything came out just perfect! Thanks for putting together such a complete build thread and for keeping me completely glued to my computer waiting for more updates. A big congratulations on your month!



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Damn, you do good work, and quick too! I've been waffling around for almost 5 years on my truck and I haven't gotten 10% as far as this. I like how you've gone away from the truck's stock form and added a well done personal touch to it. Congratulations on a very much deserved MJOTM.

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Lots of innovative and "out of the box" ideas incorporated in this truck, and they all go together well. Gorgeous truck and well done.   :cheers:


Gosh..thanks hornbrod..means alot

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Hey bub love your MJ!! Just getting started on my MJ and just by lookin at your's it gives me hope that I can transform what I have into an amazing build like your's



Thanks Man.. glad you like my mj.. all the best with your build

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The paint is amazing , love the blue metallic. Front bumper fits like a glove for this build. Also overall the truck look like a brand new truck not a junk rust bucket when you first bought it. Thumbs up for making a forgotten mj to one you turn your head to see the amazing beautiful mj. 

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