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Rags to Riches: 1990 Comanche build up *with pics*

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Well today I just had to test fit my new wheels and tires. Tomorrow I start on the axel swap and lift kit install over the weekend. The wheels are a dirt circle track wheel. There DOT approved for certain class rules. But the good thing is that you can order almost any BS you want. I got a 15x8 with. 2" BS. Yes they stick out but it's kinda what I wanted. And yes I'm aware of my ball joints and wheel bearings. 1f1a92d2dcf65ce0ab4f98e813fc0be5.jpg




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Well after this long weekend I got the long arm 4.5in lift kit installed, and swapped in the C8.25 rear end. All it all it want too bad. Today I also moved the front flairs up 2 inches to accommodate the needed room for these big 33's. I feel the flairs turned out quite well. They will have to work untill I can order up some notch customs fender flairs. Well here the pics. 4ba607013532496ebfbef4a36d9f3d0d.jpg










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So I took the truck out for its first outing on the local Bangs canyon playground here. I'm quite happy with it so far. The next day I went back out in the same area but it got super muddy and we ended up not finishing the trail. I'm not really into my truck getting super muddy. It cost me almost $20 and about 35mins just to get it clean the next day. well here the pics. 6a313c29fcfb23fa74d919cc718af0a6.jpg







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Last night I got the stock bumper installed. I will paint the rest of the bumper. I bought a bolt on 2" receiver adapter. But I welded it on rather then bolting it on. This should hold up OK untill I can afford some JCR bumpers.




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That 4.5" kit sit level when it was all said and done? I have the same rear axle C8.25 and went soa in the with 4.5" coil up front. Without the new shocks in the rear, the measurement from the bottom of the fender lip (without the flairs) to the ground is almost 2 inches more in the rear compared to the front. Sorry for the nooby type question

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