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Currently Unnamed Project

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I figured it was time to start a build thread for my new truck. It's an 88 Pioneer 4.0L with the 5 speed tranny. 2wd.


Someone along the line converted it into this "zombie" themed truck. 

its cool, but not really my style.   


I posted a wanted add on craigslist and the PO sent me these pictures asking $1500

As you can see, the PO attacked it with Plastidip :doh: 


I talked him down to $1250, and ended up getting it for $1150 plus a new alternator. 


I changed the alternator, checked fluids, got title and tag, drove it for a couple of days, and..


Had to get it towed home. $85 down the drain. While driving through some mountain roads, it died on me.  Possible bad fuel pump/filter. I also noticed the ground cable from the battery was not connected, so maybe that had something to do with it. 


While waiting for parts to come in, I installed a new shift knob (I'm still a child at heart) 

And that brings us to today. Today I removed that annoying buzzer thing, took the doors off, and swapped out the battery for the better one out of my TJ. Tomorrow should result in the fuel filter being replaced, and a test drive up the road to make sure my issue is solved with it. 

Finally, here are the plans for it. In order of priority.


Fix the dying issue

Replace some leaky gaskets

Replace front passenger side fender

Sand off the plastidip


Brighter headlights

Fix parking brake

Fix issue with gauges not working

Fix gas gauge reading wrong 

Get one of those nifty "comanche club" stickers 


This truck is mostly going to be a DD. I have my TJ for offroading, and I would feel like a monster beating this truck up. This will be a pretty slow build. I have no garage or shop, so I'm at the mercy of mother nature. 


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