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Hello i am restoring a 86 comanche 2.8 ltr 4wd automatic 

when i bought the vehicle it had no 2.8 ltr LR2 motor in it 

so i put in a 3.4 ltr L32 motor in it 


i am at the part where I'm trying to get the tranny to work and I'm trying to figure out how the power steering works 

if anyone has pics of how the power steering hooks up and what it all connects to would be great 

i don't know where to connect the hose lines from the P.S. pump but i do have the pump connected to the motor


also where is the drain plug on the tranny i think i put to much fluid in it because it slips

i have the 3-speed A904 automatic tranny

i was also having a hard time reading the dip stick to the tranny 

where exactly is the line that tells you when its full 

i did read in the haynes manual that the truck must be running in order to check the fluid level


if you guys want pics i can post some upon request 



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