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Guess who's back bizniches...

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JT's an old timer here. Stops in every five years or so, says Hey, then disappears for another five or so. He even had an MJ once as I recall. Hard to remember it's been so long.................


:rotfl2:   Good to hear from you mate. 

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Awwweee yall warm my heart.. feels good to be remembered! I'm still jeepin..

Just have 4 doors now, BUT! I still stop'n'ask about most MJ's I come across..

Glad to know you guys are still around. My poor mj broke a tie-rod end going down the road close to 40ish MPH, and took me on trip through a ditch, over some trees, and bouncing across a cotton field. It bent my a pillar, twisted my roof, and mashed'ed the right fender around. She went into (at the time I thought) good hands to be sold off to only God knows who to haunt them.


Mvusse, if you could in-box me Bob's contact please kind sir?


Pete good to be home! You have a CC app yet??


hornbrod, has it been that long????


Shelbyluvv, did we? Probably many shots of tequila ago..


Life hit me hard and lost touch with you guys.



I dug out my trusty cc hoodie to keep me fuzzy and thought I'd sit down at the table with ya again!

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