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Hello club,


Prospecting a 87 4cyl standard mj that's priced right and in good shape,also a friend of mine has a really nice 01 xj4.0 auto with low miles and a damaged rear end, but everything is in good shape to swap over to the mj, i was wondering if theres any problems or thing to know when swapping everything from an xj to an mj i plan on taking everything including motor,axles,drivetrain, front end body swap,full interior, ecu wiring ect. Just looking for some tips before i make the purchases.

Thanks anyone willing to give me some imput

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If the 4-cyl is 4x4, it'll have 4.10 gears, meaning you'll want to keep the axles in there. The D35 will still hold up to street use behind a 4.0 unless you seriously abuse it, mine has over 300,000 miles on it.

The 2001 xj's also will have a low-pinion d30 in the front instead of the earlier high-pinion. One other thing that you may discover is that the later head castings don't always hold up so well, so that's something to look into. As a result not everyone will advise swapping in an '01 4.0, but it's been done without issue many times.

I say go for it. :dunno:

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If you do the swap when the 4.0 is out get rid of the head thats on it. The failure rate is awful  google 0331 head issues. Any head 95 up to 98-some 99`s will work with the use of a adapter plate you can buy online also.

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