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So I got rid of the street comanche a few months back as you all are aware of. I sold my immaculate XJ as well the other day, for this. Its a 1990 Comanche pioneer, it has the metric tonne package. Its got a locked D44 rear and d30 front with chromolys and geared to 4:10. It is dark blue, it's got custom metalcloak TJ long arms up front with there 6" coils. SOA in rear and all around a 5-6 inch lift. Now the major stuff: Built LM7 5.3 from a 2005 silverado with just under or around 400HP. A built 700R4 and a new/rebuilt NP241 T-Case. All the swap was done using Novak adapt parts and painless harnesses. It still needs some work, its not 100% done or perfect. But here we go on round 2 of an MJ for me.





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Did you get AC setup with this swap? I have heard mixed responses with fitting the AC system in it but never seen it. It appears you don't but wanted to check. 

Its all there and ready to go, but not setup yet. I have to make the hoses still but thats all. Ready wired and ready to go

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Do you know what seats those are?


Seats look like stock MJ/XJ buckets from that era.  Nothing special, they do look nice - at least the seat backs look nice.


Winner winner, stock XJ seats but re upholstered some years back.


So is it running and driving?


Was the lift required to fit it or will it fit with no lift?

It is in fact running and driving, I cannot comment on the lift questions as I have no way of proving or disproving that, it came with the lift...


What does it take to get that smogged in CA?

To register it in CA you simply move to GA. All kidding aside, I just moved here and had an engine swapped vehicle in my future, lucked out when my GF found this MJ.

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A short video we made, going over the sound, engine and a couple pulls with it....

Your video must be cloaked and locked too.


I'm lost...


Link wasn't there last night, and no evidence that it was... :dunno:


Oh, I fixed that, sorry about it.


Just watched the video.  Looks good, sounds good. :thumbsup:

Thank you very much!

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...a rebuilt T56 from a corvette...

Alright so You've got me intrigued... How exactly does a C5 Corvette T56 fit itself between a 5.3 and a transfer case...


I am pulling the engine this weekend and swapping with another LM7 due to the old one having a mean rod bearing knock. For the most part it all looks like novak adapt adapters for T56 to Np231, It has custom length driveshafts though. Also will try to get the exhaust pics as well...thanks for the interest BTW!!

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For the most part it all looks like novak adapt adapters for T56 to Np231,

This is not listed on their website... 

Very, very intrigued  :popcorn:


I did try to find it last night, and I couldnt either. It was my mistake...I talked to the builder and the products that are novak adapt are radiator, fans, engine mounts and some customish tranny mounts, but the transmission is apparently guts from a c5 vette and rockland standard gear makes a 4wd version of the T56 can be found here...its a brand new transmission. 



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All new slew of pictures regarding the engine swap, with detailed pics of transmission and a couple of the headers and exhaust....with some open header videos for you exhaust freaks. I live in a non regulated exhaust area, and I was still afraid of getting impounded, it was terrifying loud. Idle was louder than a 4.0 at full shout with a super 10. 


Spot my metalcloak long arms, to my knowledge this is the only MJ with metalcloak long arms/coils/duroflex/custom crossmember for tranny and arms. See my built D30 with chromolys, adams driveshaft, and my wilwood brake setup on the MC/BB. The custom fuse box where a stock airbox would be. WJ steering and some shiny billstiens. 28MM sway bar. Did a front end swap.Ridiculous overkill HIDs. 


Note the two orange circles on driver side firewall...one plug for entire engine and the other is for tranny. Two plugs and headers with some other odds and ends and the engine was out. Did I mention my GF and I did the swap in a weekend. The old engine is pictured and see if you can spot the piston slap.


Ask any questions about the engine swap or tranny and now that I have worked on them I will be able to answer better.


The engine we put in WAS and L59 which is a flexfuel(e85) version of the LM7(5.3 iron block LS) With 706 cast heads from the LM7.


LS1 intake/injectors/fuel rails. Drive by cable

LM7 rotating assly. and heads/ignition packs

L59/lm7 block

Rockland Std. T56 tranny which is pretty rare to come in 4x4 only from them. short shifter, sport clutch

Magnacrap exhaust....flowmaster pending. 

Speedhut racing gauges can be seen in the video


Also sold the Wildernest to JohnJ92313 on here and it is going onto a sweet project of his. He drove cross country for that and to visit his family halfway so props to him!


thanks all!


Pictures of jeep and all above here:




My GF and I youtube where we videod the process as well. Our youtube is all jeep stuff so subscribe to see this jeep and her JKUR thats cloaked as well....


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Saw this truck last week for a few minutes. Looks good, but had no mufflers. So was loud. Nice looking engine, have to say. Runs about 1750 rpm at 70mph. Should be great on the highway. Lots of potential here.

Thanks! Cannot wait to see the diesel MJ done and that shell be put to good use!

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