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July 2016 ● M1A1TankerTom's '89

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It's July and let me tell you... I'm kind of excited about this one! Absolutely nothing plain or simple about this Comanche all except for a description: it's kind of a tank.  :D





1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer (short bed)

4.0 Renix (130K original miles), Brown Dog motor mounts, custom exhaust, 
Flow master muffler, cat deleted, KN air filter, yellow top battery.

Stock NP231 t-case, stock AW4 tranny
Front: HP Dana 30 with 4.88 gears, lock right locker, RCV shafts, Artec truss, Artec gussets, RuffStuff diff cover.
Rear: Dana 44 with 4.88 gears, Detroit locker, Superior chromoly shafts, custom truss, RuffStuff diff cover.
Axle breather lines routed to under hood. 

ZJ fan clutch, converted to open cooling system, BM tranny cooler.

Front: Clayton Pro Series 3 link with 5.5 rubicon express coils and 2 inch puck/spacer.
Rear: RuffStuff triangulated 4 link kit with stock Cherokee front coils.
WJ knuckle conversion with RuffStuff 1 ton crossover steering, hydraulic assist steering, synergy ball joints, over the axle trackbar bracket, custom DOM trackbar on 7/8 heims, 12 inch Bilsteins front shocks, 14 inch Fox 2.0 emulsion rear shocks, sway bar deleted. 

Front: WJ 16 inch brake system, IRO slotted WJ rotors, WJ calipers.
Rear: stock drums (rebuilt).
Crown extended brake lines.

IPF headlight housings, Hella headlight bulbs, Eautoworks headlight wiring harness.

97+ front clip, 97+ front fenders, 97+ mirrors, 97+ wipers, 97+ door seals, front and rear fender wells trimmed, hood vents, full exo cage, JCR front bumper, XRC 8K winch, custom rear bumper, bed cage with tire carrier, rattle can OD green paint.

35X12.5 cooper STT tires, 15X8 Rock crawler wheels.

20 gallon Summit fuel cell mounted in bed, Walbro fuel pump, battery shut off switch.














Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ●



Driving up Chocolate Thunder at King of the Hammers 2016 in my MJ. Guys on 40+ inch tires looking at me like I was crazy. My little MJ almost made it to the top before snapping a rear shaft. Good memory!

CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ●
I have had numerous occasions posting on CC looking for a specific part and people will reply that they have what I'm looking for and they will give it to me for free, I just cover shipping. I started doing the same for others and have actually had people include a few extra dollars in the shipping costs so that I could buy myself a beer as a thank you. Good group of guys on CC!



Tom... Tom... Tom... I mean, come on... What can really be said about your truck that one can't get just from looking at it?! I'm totally guilty of being a sucker for a tough looking dedicated rig, but this takes is easily one of my favorite MJs ever. A huge congratulations on the truck, the documentation of the build, and the places it takes you!



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Thanks guys!


I definitely plan to have some more updates in the future. Right now my plan is to just get out and wheel as much as I can before summer ends. Will post pics when I take her out.


Wanted to take a quick second to thank Josh Cooper, Jesse Balter, Isaiah Craig, and Rob Krause for all the help with the MJ. Also wanted to thank all the members of CC for all the help and great info along the way.

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