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Anone here the administration of Jeep Comanche on Facebook

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Ive requested to join about over 6 weeks ago and haven't had a join or reply or anything. Maybe the admins for FB are a bit slow getting to things except deleting people.....

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Yup! After being there a couple years and never once did I see anything regarding not selling items. Then last night I posted my Comanche for sale and was deleted from the group and blocked. I guess I never looked at any policy or anything. Would love to be back in the group. I'm really not sure why they can't just delete it the first time you violate the policy and then send you a message.


Used my wife's account to look at the group and sure enough there is a policy stating no selling. I'd love to be back too and now that I know I'd never try selling anything again.



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Sounds like the management there are a bunch of asshats. Who needs that?   :ack:  




And who cares if you list your truck for sale there?  I'd rather sell to somebody that cared.  The whole reason I wound up with the two I have is the guy didn't want to sell them to somebody that would just thrash them or part them out...

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