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LED Headlights not operating correctly

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Alright fellas, if you happened to read the "lighting options" thread you would have seen the mention of Cree sealed beam LED headlights. Anyway I bought a set and went to install them this evening and noticed an issue. Here we go...


When one side is installed along with a standard sealed beam on the other side the LED lights up fully on low beam, on high beam though it shuts off.


With both LED lamps installed on low beam they both are bright on the top and the bottom 2 rows are very dim, and High beam is inoperable.


So my question to you is, what's up? Haha. It's a stock non relay upgraded headlight harness and I even tried it out on my 96 XJ to see if it was a renix era issue with the same results. Just interested in opinions or options before i take action to possibly return them.


Thanks for any info!

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Thinking about it some more it wouldn't be easy. Because the ground is shared with the low beam internally to the "bulb". Obviously was not at my brightest when I wrote that. Pun totally intended.

Upgrading the harness may work. Try running jumpers straight from the battery to see if the bulbs even come on. Are you sure they have a low/high setting?

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Did you test them straight to the battery, to verify that they are working properly? And those are the ones I was going to buy....

This^^ as mentioned before by a couple people, jump em straight off the battery and see how they light up.

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