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'88 Eliminator Colorado Emissions

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Spending money, time and worry on stuff the "guberment" thinks up sucks..... But I have spent all of those on dumber things too. One funny thing about emissions, when I first moved here the people of the state voted to do away with the testing. The state legislature brought emissions testing back despite the overwhelming support to get rid of it. At $25 a pop every two years for most vehicles in the state it's no mystery why they require it. Not for clean air but for fat wallets and campaign contributions.

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The answer is NO. You do not need an egr to pass emissions in CO.


Again, unless you're gonna post a copy/paste from Colorado Emissions Program rules and regulations that specifically states that an EGR isn't required....... 


The public website for Colorado Air Care shows this in regards to when a vehicle fails the equipment inspection:


Emissions control equipment are either missing or not functioning properly, e.g.:

Notice the "e.g.:" as in "for example"


Those are equipment items commonly cited for failure of an emissions test.


The requirement is simply that the tested vehicle must have it's entire emissions system (as equipped by the manufacturer) intact and functioning in order to pass.


From personal experience, I've had 2 Renix era XJ's failed before the exhaust was tested - they wouldn't allow those XJ's to finish testing until the EGR's were fixed (one was missing with a block off plate, the other was in place but the vacuum lines and air relay system were missing.)  




I've also taken other Renix era XJ/MJ's to the same testing station and the techs never lifted the hood to inspect ANY of the emissions equipment.


So the best answers:


Yes, you can pass a Colorado Air Care emissions test with a missing/non-functional EGR and possibly any other emissions related equipment....... IF the tech isn't looking for them.  


No, you cannot pass a Colorado Air Care emissions test....... IF the tech finds missing/non-functional emissions related equipment.


No, you cannot pass a Colorado Air Care emissions test......IF you have a lit check engine light.


Yes, you can pass a Colorado Air Care emissions test.......IF you covered your lit check engine light with black electrical tape AND the check engine light isn't accompanied by an OBD II engine code.


Clear as mud?  :D

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I went through DE inspection with a 90 MJ that had the egr blocked off. They had the hood up poking around. they clamped the vent line & pressurized the fuel tank. It failed.

I had to pull the tank & run a new vent hose, but after that, it passed with flying colors....


I didn't know it, but at the time my cat was burned out. when I pulled the exhaust only a few weeks later, I could literally see through it like it was pipe. the honeycomb was melted into a pile at the bottom. :dunno:

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If your living in Pueblo county there is no inspection. If in Springs get a historic license plate. Vehicle must be over 20 years old.

Actually, in Colorado, your vehicle needs to be pre-1976 to get a collector plate(used to be 25 yrs or older). In Larimer the emissions zone goes west beyond Bellvue. With a Comanche, you can get farm tags for a truck IF you have acreage and are willing to sign an affidavit that it wil be used primarily on the farm.


I have a 90 Pioneer and it doesn't have a check engine light. No pre-OBD system does, only a mileage related advisory light to get your emission system checked. It is not a "learning" system. Had to educate our local emissions station since my truck had just passed 75,000 miles (mileage trigger) when I bought it. It took about 10 extra minutes for them to call and self-educate. No problem


They did a visual and idle test.

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Some good info here, and lots of speculation... my experience is this: I have a tj that has a resonator where the cat should be. It is also missing the evap canister and associated purge solenoid hoses, and also didn't have the downstream O2 sensor in the exhaust the first time it was tested. I knew that as long as I kept the trips short it wouldn't set a fault for the downstream sensor, so I cleared codes and did a handful of short drives. They checked underneath with a mirror, then looked all over under hood... then put it on the rolls, where it fast passed. (Way cleaner than required, so they don't run the complete test...


I did weld a bung in the exhaust after that, but even with no cat it doesn't ever toss a CEL, and it fast passes every time.


I think I wouldn't worry too much... as long as something looks like a cat and it doesn't look like you stripped off any emissions stuff, it'll probably pass...


Or that's my experience, anyway. I used the test center at 52 and I25. :)

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