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1987 Jeep Comanche(MJ) 4.0L I6



Link to Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/sVVM4

(Couldn't figure out how to post images)


Engine: 4.0L I6 EFI "Power Tech" - 177 hp @ 4750 rpm, 220 ft lb @ 4000 rpm;  240,xxx Miles.

Transmission: AX15 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin

Transfercase: NP231 - "Command-Trac" part-time only - 2.72:1 ratio low range

Front Axle: Dana 30 high pinion - reverse cut - 27 spline, 1.16" diameter shafts, 7.13" ring gear

Rear Axle: Dana 35 non c-clip - 27 spline, 1.18" diameter shafts, 7.58" ring gear, 2.62" axle tube

WheelBase: 119.4" (7ft. x 5ft.) Longbed, I believe it has an 18 or 19 gal gas tank.


Build Date: Month Unknown, 1987 (sticker is mostly gone and unreadable)


Current Location: Boone County, Arkansas


Status: Daily driver to school and college. Also a project that I plan on restoring.


Notes: Aftermarket fog lights mounted on front bumper. Original factory sport truck roll bar.

Perks to rusted out floor boards: You can unlock the truck if you lock your keys in.


Exterior: Red, Hood and roof have lost there clear coat. Want to repaint it a different color, not a big fan of the color red. Driver side rear fender has started to rust out. Driver side floorboard is no where to be found. Passenger side floor has started to rust out. A few dents on the bed. The inside of the bed is rust free. Black factory fender flares.


Interior: All black interior. Vinyl and cloth bench seat. Aftermarket dual radio. Aftermarket front JVC 5-1/4" speakers. Pretty sure the rear 4x6 speakers are factory. Floor shifter. The dash has cracked in one spot above the gauges. The only tear on the seat is on the driver side on the very edge. Center console found at a thrift store mainly for the cupholders.


Current Owner: Me hopefully for the rest of its life.

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All black interior?? Some people get all the good stuff... In any case, good luck with it and be sure to make a project thread.

Ill be putting pictures of the truck on here tomorrow. Haven't had time to get to it. When i hopefully begin the process of repainting the truck ill start a project thread.

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