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Well first shake down run in session. Driving great and running great. I gots power. :grinyes: 72 mph at 1900rpm smoothly. Love the solid motor mounts. Firmed it up, feel the vibes but helps me stay tuned in. :teehee: 

have a axle maintenance next. So good run to test cooling which is 195 all day very nice fans working perfectly. I'm very pleased in deed. Good to be back in the woods. And have acquired my bow so be out to sit in a tree George..:peep: So all in all had it fixed by the new moon and now we out enjoying the night light to this great paradise. :rolleyes:





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Another great day living the dream! We got condensation in the tent, winter is coming. :crazy: Fixed the jeep again, tps replacement yet again. Note to self, carry 1 extra cps and tps. :scholar:  and since it was there and I had a few minutes, I pulled me the 99 intake for swapping in later. 






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Little cruise through the pines, I may have pissed off some hunters....my bad. :beerbang: MJ calender shot. She was happy to get out on the trails as well. 

Then she said go sit in a tree so I did. :grinyes:

It snowed today, yea I have 4wd. :driving: 







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