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Project: Stock To Beast!!!

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Front mudflaps are a highly underrated comfort item. :D I never took the doors off, but pre-flaps the spray off the tires would just obliterate any hope of using my side windows. Lol. 


5 stars, would do flaps again. :laugh: 

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Yeah the fender flares helped but still had a couple inches to cover. Now just need liner to block that fender body gap. And working at a set off removable rear flaps for highway cruising. 

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Well tires off 🙄 going to be a good week. 👍 jk is back so thinking a beach ⛱ day is in order. Cause I love monday fundays. :grinyes:


Brief checklist of things to do...

1. Swap tcase for 231d non leaking unit

2. Swap fuel pumps to complete new fuel system overhaul. 

3. Swap to new set of leafs and combine old leafs into other back to create a 6 pack leaf stack with hopes of utilizing stock shackles yet still provided enough lift to bring rear sag up and allowing good hauling capabilities...well until I add airbags. :brows:

4. Replace brake booster and rerun all new brake hard lines with new proportional valve. 

5. Setup 2nd battery and complete dual 12v setup with the new converter. 👌

6. Replace the electrical fans.

7. Install v8 steering pump and install hydro steering setup. 

8. Install a reman 4.0 before hit the road to crazy 🤪


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Well i think 🤔,  i think i found my tcase leak. Tcase is still good just was leaking, well as i was looking to swap in the 231d and having a pita time trying to find the right rear extension housing, i noticed on the 231j that the front bearing retainer only had 1 bolt, which i didnt think nothing of before, until i was looking at the 231d and noticed 4 bolts holding that one together. So i pulled it and found it was to be sealed up and had no silicone with only the 1 bolt. So perhaps a little bit of goop and a few more bolts and I think it will be good to go back in. 😀 saves me some time-consuming work and will allow me to move on to more pressing issues. 😌 so will slap the tcase back in and move onto leaf springs. :brows:



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On 6/28/2021 at 4:47 PM, Swampy said:

What hydro setup are you planning on running?

Well, :shhh:.. I have a factory box tapped, so furthermore my understanding is, I will need a v8 power steering pump or a high flow performance pump of some sorts. I currently have a psc high flow pump but Id be looking to replace that with  a bigger resoviour setup. Also thinking 🤔 best to run a 1.5"x8" ram setup on my d44 setup. Need some lines made up as well, and have looked into rebuild able lines so can repair on trail if needed. 

Havent got to that point yet as maybe 😕 replacing 4.0 with a new rebuilt unit to ensure reliability and complete drivetrain upgrades for the next 5 years. :laugh:

Been busy though out in the woods lately. All in good time. :beerbang:




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Roof on and a few days in the woods, I'm ready to hit the city and check on my garden, and get some more checklist items taken care of. 

Changed the oil and now fixen to install replacement electric fans. Good times in #MaynardHood. :beerbang:



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Let the week begin. Headed to the woods hauling a trailer load. Dosent like hills or 5th gear. :shaking: but thus far not overheating and its working. Plus plus i reckon. Gotta get the siding on the master cabin before I head out for the east coast adventures. :driving:new lights installed on the trailer before i left with a few racks as well. Nice to finally have a place for the tools of the woods. Need air bags though as the trailer makes the jeep sag 2-3" 😬 atleast need to get other leaf packs installed 🤔 before I leave I hope. 



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