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well i say i got the ball and the towing shall be a bit easier. now perhaps some air bags...:brows:

also picked up some flares to get some better coverage over the tires to be more legit driving cross country. so if you have been following you know that i don't care much for pretty but more for functionality.  But can't say I'm not impressed with the looks these will give the jeep. again only in hopes to look legit. :shaking:


so plan to cut and fold and create a bigger wheel well opening for the 37s. in doing so i hope to cut a bit of rust out and give it some more life. just cut it to fit, screw it on and run it! :comanche: so be working on that for a bit as have to pull fenders out some and beat them to make room. post up when it looks pretty....somewhat. looks good going down the road eh. :laugh:








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21 minutes ago, neohic said:

Gonna be sweet! I’m also a sucker for a reckless road trip with questionable equipment. :comanche:

you calling my jeep questionable? :slap:

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one side finished. keep it mind I'm for function not looks. therefore front ones bit of tilt for clearances with cut up fender and bigger tires. I'm happy with it and can still run a liner on the inside to combat mud clogs  :teehee: remember this is hard core tech now. 







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18 hours ago, MiNi Beast said:

you calling my jeep questionable? :slap:

NEVER!! :jammin: I’d say that most guys trailer their rigs that have been modified to the point of axle swaps and 37”+ tires. Those guys are taking the easy way out! Where’s the adventure?! :beerchug:

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Well Finished up flares, good enough. Looks legit going down the road. :L:

Then going to test out me new cot tent for perhaps a bit more comfort during them nights out and about. Getting closer. :applause:



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I need to deal with engine over heating. Need to get another fan installed and been looking at the trip fan shroud set up. Seems like cheap enough to ensure things are handled. Already replaced radiator but still would like to get that bypass filter setup and perhaps a defroster plumbed back in. Also need the dual battery setup with new wiring and converter box for life. Then I think I need to get 231c built and installed with new solids mounts for trans and engine. :shhh: just another day working in the garden. 

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Up early awaiting jeep parts..is that weird? :dunno:


Pete going to hook me up with some leafs and they are much needed. :D

So pick those up soon. And today the triple fan setup will be here so will get that installed and no more over heating. :crazy: fans help you know. :laugh:

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