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lifts are over rated. :nuts: tcase out and now i shall relax a bit and decide weather i disconnect the battery now before i go about removal of the starter and torqconverter bolts.   and then at last remove the aw4 for the last time. 


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well got the auto trans out. flywheel removed. decided to just go all new as I'm planning for the All Breeds jeep show end of july and want this ready for then. so going to focus on some of the small details and pay a bit extra as i have the time to let it sit while i work for the money needed to replace the parts and buy missing parts. so furthermore with some good suggestions, i went with rockauto for a full clutch kit with flywheel and slave. i have good clutch that good just be cleaned up, however i don't have the time to bring flywheel to shop to be machined for a clean surface and so for $300 shipped i can't wrong with ordering the parts in. with that on its way i can focus on swapping out the pedal assembly acquired from Dead Jeep Parts. I still swear i have a pedal setup from when i swapped in the aw4  the first time. :thinking: also ordered a couple seals for the trans to ensure its not a issue later. with trans out now i can verify that my rms is indeed leaking, and since i carry one in spares box, i will drop oil pan and replace it and check the crank bearing journals as well, and ensure 4.0 is still healthy. 

and at this point with trans out i would be motivated to replace my floor pans but i do not have the welder set up at current location so will have to wait on them yet. so focus will be on fresh fluids and seals on the underside and including axles as I'm under the jeep anyways. the 14 bolt rear end has a issue with wheel seals and so I'm thinking a couple speedy sleeves are in order and should fix that issue and stop slimming up my brakes. 

also will be replacing trans mount as was torn and with ax15 shorter then the aw4 i will need to ensure of fitment on my Crossmember as it is welded in and is a pain with removal of trans. had to take auto bell-housing off to get it out. I hope to not have that issue with install of ax15. if not then i may just have to pull engine as was planning too, but blah. perhaps later as may go with solid motor mounts as those have flexed out a bit and are worn but still good for now. 

had some oblong holes on flywheel and this i expected as i knew the torque converter was toast. beat on and abused bit she still ran true. i love my jeep. :driving: 



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yeah with welded Crossmember what a pain. next time it does come out it will be cut as a new cross member will be fabbed with added cage work and possibly rear 4 link as my leafs are my next issue in need  of my attention. I'm half inclined to figure that out as I'm under it already. do they have bolt in rear coil spring conversion 4 link setup yet..??? :brows:

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yeah its plenty tall and no need a lift just rather a step stool to work in the engine bay. i got the oil pan removed last night and thats it. pull caps tonight for inspection and will replace rms and slap it back together. have all the components for clutch so can get ax15 back in after a good power wash. just need to swap pedal assembly and get a clutch line figured out for the slave. thinking just a brake line or just go order the 100 pre filled setup that i would have if had known the rock auto clutch kit didnt include a connection line. with being an auto i do not have existing slave line components. then i reckon thats it. oh yeah awaiting a new seal for output shaft on trans as needed a "4wd"  vs just "rwd" seal for ax15. :shaking:



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