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Well picked up some more parts, a lot of the little stuff here and there, then painted up the frame plates for the steering box, then once i ream the pitman arm I will install the box. I made a inside plate as well for the passenger side frame, why not right. Got 4x8 sheet of 16ga for the floors so will be working on that in the next week or so. Got everything for the inside to the knuckles for the 44, so that should be put together here over the next couple weeks,(sending it out to be done. Got me a welder finally now, so look out, my welds may not hold up but we'll see how the floors do. :eek:


Steering braces


My first welding try out, not bad I think for a 110 flux core, be good for me as a beginner.



metal for floors



Chevy spindles turned down for Ford bearings and hubs, also high steer arm.



Bearings and ball joints to finish up the 44. Did not go Moogs right at the moment, as will deal with that later, just trying to work with what I got.


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The welds appear to me to have too much wire speed and or to lo power. I do not see much for adjustments on that unit. You will be able to tune it some with your own hand speed, but not much. On thicker metals, if small, you can also heat the pieces up with a propane/map gas torch to help with penetration. You can also "push" the bead (Instead of "pulling" it) to get a bit more heat into the piece for better penetration.


Keep welding on scrap, you will get it. It's pretty good for your first welds thou!! jamminz.gifjamminz.gif




http://www.millerwelds.com/swf/flv/flas ... &h=240&v=8



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picked up a few things today and did some more welding on the floors and installed bushwackers.


my full size spare


my new filler neck thingy for the new location on the gas tank


my rear lift springs 3" TJ lift springs, be around 7'' on the rear of the XJ


messing around with the bump stop set up


my new D60 for the front

(picking up on Sat.)


my new flares

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Got some pics, got hubs off and shafts out. very impressed with the condtion of the axle, brand new rotors and pads on it, freshly packed hub bearings. ghetto fab sold these to me and they are in better condition then I was expecting.


D60 shafts to a D44 shafts..... yeah happy to have 60 now. thanks Creeping Death :shake:

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I'd take those calipers and soak them in the Industrial TB cleaner for a day. Go get 10 bottles of it and pour 'em in a 5 gal pail. Then douse those suckers. They will come out looking great. Its amazing stuff, I cleaned both of the knuckles up on my project Dana 30 this way, they came out looking like they were just cast.


You gotta oil them up or paint them right away though or else they will start to rust again.

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