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On 1/29/2019 at 3:53 PM, Pete M said:


nice!  that's certainly an ambitious task list ahead of you.  should be a lot of fun!   :D 


although for 37s, you could almost just step up to dana 60s.

yeah i've kinda been tossing around that idea but would cost more money that i don't have haha!

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Once again havent posted for ever, but get ready for some photo dumps of me mounting 2.5 king air shocks on the front end of my comanche! Still got the weak sauce 30, but going to by a dynatrac 44 here soon. No, I don't want 1 tons haha! 

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Hauling the DOM. Just a few miles....

Moved front axle forward 2 inches. Need to go further but my long arms are only adjustable on one end and I am running out of threads. Wondering if anyone has any ideas on an easy way to gain a one inch or so?

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