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1991 Jeep Comanche Sport Truck


Build date 10/90

Bought in Maryland, currently in Missouri.  Mileage at purchase was 143,xxx.


This is my first Comanche.  Been looking for a 1991 or 92 for a long time.

Truck is white with SporTruck graphics, and burgundy interior.  Was very original when I got it.

I found the factory build sheet stuffed in the seat springs under the seat on the pass side.

It was a radio delete model.  It had a Jensen shaft style radio that I suspect was dealer installed.  Very clean installation.  They cut the door panels to install the speakers, but did it very clean and used the factory mounting points.  The just poked holes in the plastic door grommets to run the speaker wires.

Column shifter, no gauges.  Manual locks and windows.  Bench seat.  Black vinyl floor.  It does have AC.  It has the factory jack, handle, and mounting bracket.  No owners manual though.


I've since added a lot of "factory" upgrades.

-Exhaust manifold (original was cracked, like they all are!)

-Late model intake manifold

-Late model valve cover with blue gasket

-Cruise control

-Rear carpet piece on back cab wall

-Door panels with proper speaker grills, door pockets, and large door handles

-Woodgrain dash panel

-Factory fog light switch and wiring

-Deleted the power/comfort switch

-Added an auto dimming inside rear view mirror with compass and temp

-Rear speaker brackets and speakers

-Late model door mirrors

-Factory front skidplate

-Factory clock

-Factory headlight delay

-Factory under dash courtesy lights

-Factory windshield washer level sensor

-Late model electric engine cooling fan


I bought this planning a 97+ front end conversion and 4wd conversion.  The 97+ front end is cancelled, but still plan to do a 4wd conversion eventually (I have two CJ projects in front of this).  I've got a factory Dana 44 standing by as a starting point.


These were taken right after I got it home



Interior.  I added the burgundy horn button to see how I liked it.  I didn't.  Went back to the original black one.


Image Not Found


Late model mirrors

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Hey that my truck lol and it's in mo. Lol I got a 91 base sport truck 4x4 inline auto. Mine is hunter green with same grafics Dana 30 Dana 35 and 217 on body 38k on motor out of 99 grand Cherokee but I still have factory motor I'll upload pics later tonight

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135 Zone 35-Washington
1AA U.S. Dealer Retail
3VQ Customer Preferred Discount
ALA SE Decor Group
ALK Italia Package
APA Monotone Paint
BAF 130 Amp Alternator
BGA Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes
CBA Straight Back Bench Seat
CKJ Black Vinyl Floor Covering
DGB All 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions
DGS 4-Speed Automatic AW4 Transmission
DHA Lock-Up Torque Converter
DHT Elec,Shift-on-the-Fly,P/Time T/Case
DMD 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio
DRJ 175MM Rear Axle
ERH 4.0L I6 Power Tech Engine
GAC Tinted Glass Windows
GBB Tinted Windshield Glass
GCB Front Door Tinted Glass
GEH Fixed Door Vent Glass
GRV Left Manual Mirror
GUA Open
HAA Air Conditioning
JAZ DO NOT USE - See JP, KA classes
JCA 85 MPH Primary Speedometer
JJA Cigar Lighter
LBC Glove Box Lamp
LMA Halogen Headlamps
MB1 Black Front Bumper
MBJ Black Powder Coated Front Bumper
MDA Front License Plate Bracket
MFF Black Grille
MHB Bright Windshield Moldings
MMC Rear Door Solid Window Insert
MMG Belt Moldings
NAA Federal Emissions
NBK EVAP Control System
NF2 18.5 Gallon Fuel Tank
PW7 Bright White Clear Coat
QW7 Bright White Clear Coat
RA8 Delete Radio
SBA Power Rack and Pinion Steering
SCE Alcantara Wrap Steering Wheel
SFA Standard Duty Shock Absorbers
SGA Rear Shock Absorbers
TBC Compact Spare Tire
TBM Tire Carrier Winch
TNC P195/65R15 BSW AS Touring Tires
TZH Michelin Brand Tires
WJK 15X6.0 Styled Steel Wheels
WLY All Steel Wheels
XBS Pickup Box
YAA Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications
YGE 5 Additional Gallons of Gas
Z01 Rear Spring Group I
Z1A GVW/Payload Rating
Z58 Left Front Spring Group Viii
Z78 Right Front Spring Group VIII


Body Model TL61

Build Date 10/29/90


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