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So I have only been in New York for about a few months here in the Fort Drum area. But one thing I always like to find is a great Jeep club. So far this one has been really great and active. Better than the last few I have been in. Their events are fun. If any of you are in the area or more west of me like Buffalo. Maybe you would enjoy joining us. So far I think I am the only Comanche in the group out of a lot of Jeeps and I need a friend to help me tackle the task to let all XJ owners know that the MJ is better. 


The facebook group is:

Wicked Jeeps Western New York


If you are in Watertown or Fort Drum area we are doing a meet and greet tomorrow at 5 guys at 6. Other than that some really great events are coming up in New York, with the group, check them out on FB.  

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