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alright guys I've got a 88 mj project truck. love my little manche but I've ran into a bit of a pickle.

 now I have read through these forums and some have halfway answered my questions but like to have them all answered before getting parts. I have a 3.5 lift I'm pretty sure bought the truck with the lift. its got the control arm drops in the front, larger coil spring and added leave in rear. i want to go about around another 2-3 inches higher. in the front i plan on just getting new coils or adding pucks if i only get 2 inches on the rear, with new track and control arms. 

the rear is my real deli-ma i figured i would just cut perches and put it on the other side of leaf springs or if there's another axle out there that the perches already line up would be nice!????? otherwise  maybe longer shackles and pucks up front? I'm alspo running 31's if i get this lift done should i bump up to 33's or stay with 31's. hope you all can answer these question thanks -Connor

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Doing a spring over axle in the rear will net you around 5-6" of lift.


Unfortunately there is no bolt in SOA axle for the MJ's, Unless you buy one already fabbed on c'list or something.

However if you SOA it would be a good time to swap in a 8.8 or dana 44, since you have to re-weld perches anyways.

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