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Replacement rear bumper, options?

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Hi guys. Hope you're all having an exciting lead up to Christmas :)


I'm looking for tips on sourcing a new rear bumper for Diablo.


I got a 12ft tinny fishing boat with trailer this summer but I can't tow it because my bumper is slowly disintegrating. Throwing the boat up on the box every time I take it out has now lost its entertainment value so before next season I want to sort out the bumper so I can tow.


I'm on a budget so fancy off the shelf gear is out but I'm thinking maybe I can find something to fit at the junk yard.


Anyone know what type of newer junk yard trucks have bumpers that I could modify to fit?


Or any other bright ideas that could solve my problem?


Thanks in advance.

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I like your thinking :)


I got the skills but I ain't got no shop though for fabbing & welding :(


I'm hoping to find something ready made + ball hitch point.


Still, it may come to that, I guess I could use some angles and stuff to attach to the frame brackets.


Thanks for the idea mr J

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Cool, I'll take a look at the Fey gear. Thanks for the info sir.

if you go the fey rout you will need the mount kit too. i just installed one and love it. i pull my 14' boat with a 25 on the back and that's on an old steel trailer with no problems.

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I bought a bumper from nates 4x4 for mine. Came to 207 shipped to my door and has a built in receive mount and d ring mounts. I think if you delete the shackle mounts it's cheaper. I used it to tow my 20 foot searay cuddy cabin and it held up beautifully. It's nice and simple, no fancy compound angles or anything, but it works and looks nice. I did have to drill and tap for license mounts but found out after that you can ask them to put mounting tabs on it. I don't have a garage or welding equipment so building one wasn't an option.

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I must echo the previous post.  I am very happy with my Nate's 4X4 MJ Bumper purchase.  




I went back and forth on this one. My previous MJ was a stocker and I got a chrome FEY from another CC member and it

was perfect for that truck.  This time around the current MJ already has been lifted and the Nate's is perfect. 


This thing is stout.  I constantly worried before it arrived that I was going to get rear-ended. Not any more.  


Nate was running a special in November so mine was like $200.00 to my front door which was $25.00 than the FEY + mounting



Purchased a 2" hitch license plate mount. 


Another thing I would like to add is that Nate has been the ONLY fab shop that answered my emails and after that I phone and

spoke with Nate.  The other guys.... well let's just say... the didn't earn my business and well I do own 6 vehicles so their loss. 

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+1 for nates.


If time is an issue, Call him before you order to make sure he's not behind. Ended up taking a few months to get my bumper.

And i asked that he do the 2" longer version, And i got the regular :/

Overall i'm happy with the bumper though, Install is really easy.

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ive got a stock bumper you can have no real rust for free ninety free you pay shipping one dent and 2in ball already on it i don't know anyone around here that wants it so its just siting i have the jcr rear and couldn't be happier.

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Check the for sale section.  There is a factory MJ hitch listed for $250 and someone else is selling a factory hitch for $175.  Not exactly budget priced, but it will do the job for many, many more years.  You are going to spend a couple of hundred for a Fey bumper anyway by the time you are done.  Something you get from the JY may be about as rusted as what you have in a couple of years.  And you have to adapt it to your Comanche.


Now, depending on how far away you are, MuddFoot's bumper may be your best bet.

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Ordered Nates as well. I couldn't even build the same thing for what I paid for it. I know, because I built the same bumper for my XJ and spent more on material. My sole complaint about it is he doesn't shrink wrap them or anything so my hardware kit got lost in shipping. That said, the shipping was free so I can't really complain. Paid $180 shipped for it.

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Both of mine came hard core wrapped up. Maybe he learned

Same, Mine came with like half a roll of plastic wrap around it. Had a hell of a time cutting it off lol



Wait till you're hit with the international shipping...


There are a few members who've used universal class-III hitches by Reese, available at Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, etc. for under $200, although you may need to drill some holes.


Well depending on where in BC he lives, He's more than free to ship it to my place & pick it up to avoid crazy tax/shipping fee's.


I'm like 20 minutes from the border.

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