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MJOTM - December, 2014 - sloride's '88

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Another year has come and gone already. What a trip, right?! Take a second and think back at everything that you've accomplished on your MJ over the entire year... probably not near as much as you would've liked to have gotten done, right? I'm in the same boat. What if you had more time? How about 26 years or so? Say, WHA'?! Yup... we've gone into original owner territory! It's December and this month we celebrate...
1988, Base, 2wd originally
Purchased new.  Overland Park Jeep Eagle, Overland Park, KS
4.0 / 6 cylinder
Was BA10/5  - 3.07 rear axle 
Now AX-15 /NP231  (‘96XJ) 3.55 rear and front axles (98 XJ)
Stock original radiator with closed system on 3rd pressure bottle
Original two fan stock set up
Has A/C that’s recently been converted to R134
Replaced all hoses and ‘hard’ components except evaporator
Evaporator flushed because a suitable replacement that would fit heater box was nowhere to be found
Pretty much stock from the factory
Idiot lights on dash swapped with gauge cluster
New springs at four corners along with new shocks 
Suspension parts and steering you’d typically find on a stock ’98 XJ
Charcoal grey colored buckets and carpet
Full center console
On its second headliner
Manual windows
Tilt wheel with cruise (Couldn’t get one without the other.)
Came without radio or cigar lighter
Currently has Pioneer head unit and Kicker speakers, front and back
’98 discs rolling up front
’94 ZJ discs rolling back on the 8.25
Load sensing valve replaced with an adjustable version
New hoses all around
Stock lights at the corners, front and back
Headlight up grade on the to-do list
Interior lights converted to LED
Dash lights, courtesy, B-pillar are all LED
Adding LEDS to inside and outside console, specifically the back of the console – ash tray is out of there!
Added LEDS in select spots elsewhere in cab
The MJ is rolling with the original, but since faded, Colorado red paint
One minor mishap back in ‘96 when the then wife tried moving a concrete pole with the left front fender
There’s a couple of dings with a few rust spots but no major cancer
Truck came with stock steel wheels.  Current aluminum rims added back in ’97
Tires are Firestone Destination A/T P235/75R15
Now, you might wonder how a base MJ came with buckets, console, carpet, tilt with cruise, A/C, 5spd and 4.0. Well, I ordered the truck from the factory that way. This was to be my DD doing 100 miles a day, all highway. Did I want all the bells and whistles? Yep, you bet I did. But this truck fit my budget at the time. To be honest, I never thought I’d keep it past five years.
Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story
If I had to pick one, it would be the first snow storm I encountered while driving that truck. With 4 tubes of sand in the back and a good set of snow tires, that 2wd drive 5 speed pickup would practically go anywhere. You’d have a blast doing it, too.
CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ● 
For me, what started out as a casual one time search for tips on dropping a transmission out of an MJ has turned into a daily obsession of reading CC. The information on this site is priceless.  Every day you learn something new. This site Pete started is truly awesome. The admins and moderators, as well as those others that keep this site functioning while offering advice and insight, cannot be thanked enough. This site, unlike some others on the web, makes you feel welcome. Congrats!  And thanks.
I can't even imagine if I had the opportunity to have my '88 since it was new. I love the simplicity of this truck and how it's another perfect example of making these trucks into what you want it to be! Have a look at everything that you've done since day one and the best part about it is that it's clearly still the same truck only better. It was beautiful then and it's beautiful now! Thanks for keeping it that way, Jay! Congratulations!

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Very nice!  It's so cool to see other original owners.  I'm the original owner of my '92.  I really wanted bucket seats, but I would of had to upgrade to either a Pioneer or Eliminator.  I couldn't do it, due to the price increase at the time.


Shout out and represent, congrats on your nomination!

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Thanks guys.  I really appreciate the compliments.  I see a lot of neat stuff you guys are doing with your trucks and I'd love to do the same and maybe experiment with bushwacker type wheel moldings or wrap around bumpers, but can't bring myself to take a pair of tin snips to the old girl's body panels.......  Now a decal I could do, but a paint job would have to come first.

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Thanks!  Sorry, no write up on the hand brake installation.  I'm not entirely happy with it since it hits the shifter.  Replacing it with another shorter version hand brake is on the to-do list.  There's hand brakes that you have to cut the floor for the cable and hand brakes you bolt to the floor for the cable to be above the floor.  This one is cable above.  (I couldn't bring myself to cut a hole in the floor.)  I just wrapped the existing e-brake cable around to come in from the front of the hand brake.  I can take pics and post later if anyone's interested.

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When I first laid eyes on this jewel there was no doubt it would become the next MJOTM. The original owner, tastefully improved and modernized over the years, and dedication to the MJ marque are all qualities that exemplify what the MJOTM award is supposed to represent. Congratulations and thanks Jay for preserving this fine MJ example for so many years.   :cheers:

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Very nice truck, my 88 has been in my family since new. My first car was a 66 GTO, bought it new, loved the restoration on yours. Swapped out the 389 for a 421. Traded it in for a VW Beetle in 68 after I got drafted, sad day. Don't see many original owner MJ's yours is really nice.

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 I wonder how many other original owners are out there?



can't be many.  I've owned my 88 for 18 years fricken now and if I remember right I'm the 5th owner.



Take good care of her, Jay!  :thumbsup:

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