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This is my 1987 4.0 2wd Comanche I recently purchased.  This is how I bought it:




Here's the bed after applying a liner:




I also bought a 1999 Cherokee 4.0 4wd 180k to do a 97+ conversion.


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The XJ is a manual.  Based on the tag on the axle, unfortunately it has 3.07 gears, but I'm planning on regearing anyway.


Tearing the XJ apart:



Fixing some rust in the Comanche.  Plan on cutting pieces out of the Cherokee to patch it up:


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After those photos, I fixed the floor and lined it.




I spent a bunch of time getting the firewall ready, but then basically did nothing for about 5 years.  I recently got the motivation to continue working and just about have the engine compartment ready.




I got the dash bolted up, but when I turned it on, the instrument cluster was not working correctly.  I spent about 3 days checking the wiring, grounds, and anything electrical before I realized that the two connectors going to the instrument cluster had been switched somewhere along the way (I have no idea why).  Anyway, my instrument cluster works fine now.



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They're the same type of plug, but I have no idea why they were switched.  I mounted the XJ gas tank under the frame rails behind the rear axle.




It sits a little low, although it seems similar to the YJ/TJ/XJ mounting location.  It will work for now, but I may have to do a gas tank skid for safety.



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I may try that in the future, but I'm trying to get it working as quickly as possible right now.  Finished getting the TNT belly pan installed for the eventual long arms.  Next step is probably to finish up the few things needed to try to start it.



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