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One of the first short beds ever?


1987 Comanche Sportruck


Purchased 4/21/14 - as I got her... (after a couple hours with the hotsy)


2.5 / ax-4 / 231

3.55 D30/35


Build date is illegible, but I'm guessing early August '86 based on this: http://comancheclub.com/topic/23211-1jths6412ht001663/


Currently located in Fort Collins, CO and just recently put back on the road after ??? years sitting...


Pretty basic, white with peeling clearcoat. Sportruck decals were removed long ago but the shadow remains.

Originally a vinyl bench/vinyl floor mini console truck.


Strangest thing I've noticed yet, is that It did not, and appears to have never had the carpeted panel at the back of the cab. (jack sticker directly on the sheet metal, no holes in the floor where the "feet" sit.)

This may or may not be unusual, but I've never seen one that NEVER had it...

Edit: Just noticed, it also only has (1) windshield washer squirter (center). Wierd...


APPEARS to have been purchased originally from Friendly's in Boulder CO, and still wears the original emissions tag stating that it was built for primary use at altitudes above 4000 ft.





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