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Personalized Engraved Pool Ball Shift Knobs

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We will be doing a limited run of these, possibly once a year depending on demand.

$55 shipped, your choice of pool ball, and 2 words of text. 2 week lead time, email info@azzysdesignworks.com with your name, ball you would like, transmission (for shift pattern) and short text for laser engraving.

We custom mill real billiard balls and inset nylock nuts, laser engrave and paint fill for shift patterns. Included will be a jam nut, we are sourcing out a lower profile version.


Lead time will shrink as we get our own laser in house, for how, we have to rent time on another.

For those that want these in an automatic, it can be done... there is just additional hardware that needs to be sourced, and brings up the price, but I am willing to include it at cost.

First run limited to 25 spots.





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I saw this on TheDudes Comanche this past weekend. It looked very nice. Question... I thought I read the AX4/AX5 have a different thread pattern than the AX15 is that correct? 

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