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MancheKid86's HillBilly Deluxe

1989 jeep comanche 4x4







1993 4.5L HO stroker - built by robert bryce

Crane cam shaft

1977 4.2 crankshaft

5.0L Ford Mustang fuel inectors

49 PSI fuel pressure regulator

Ported and polished thermostat housing

performance 190 F theromostat

Flow Kooler water pump

Converted open cooling system

Aux Fan 


Transmission/Transfercase Assembly:

External Slave AX-15 from 1990 YJ to achieve a flatbelly via transfer case clock angle

NP231 Doubler

NP241 internals and output inside a NP231 case for the second transfercase


Front Axle:

Spicer 44 out of a 1979 international scout II

re-tubed and sleeved to obtain drivers pumpkin. 

all new brackets welded on

2.5" raised coil spring buckets (built in spacers)

Detroit locker

4.88 gears

RCV axles

Warn Premium locking hubs

1/4" thick walled front drive shaft 


Rear Axle 

Spicer 44 out of a 1979 international scout II

Detroit locker

4.88 gears

Spring Over Axle

Relocated shock mounts

TSM MFG gm metric disc conversion with drilled and slotted rotors and Cadillac Eldorado e-brake calipers

Chromoly axle shafts





10" short arm lift

7.5 lift coils, 2.5" built into axle

custom lower control arms with dodge one ton bushings

custom upper control arms



3/4 eliptical

10" lift

Spring over axle

2011 chevy colorado shackles


Steering and linkages

Stock steering box

Full one ton over knuckle steering

Iron Man 4x4 Fab steering box brace with sector shaft support

Iron Man 4x4 Fab track bar and bracket with frame brace


Tires and rims

39.5x15x15 Grooved Bias super swamper tsl's

1977 ford bronco rims with weld on bead locks



warn 9000 XDI front winch

Black Diamond Synthetic winch line

warn 8000 VR rear winch

Onboard air regulated to 155 psi

relocated battery

train horn

138:1 crawl ratio




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tried on my big boy shoes



and then this happened...



my steering knuckle failed on me on a hill climb, it was previously cracked (casting was more than oxidized in the break)

ejected my front coil as well and half my front drive shaft wasnt located,

back to the chopping block, I'm glad it failed on trail, and not on the highway

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. :MJ 2: . so, bout time for an update

started by swapping the tires from 33's to the 36's that are supposed to be on


then came some angry eyes ( i did not do a full shade, just enough to be seen, ****does not affect vision of headlights what so ever****)


some maint + hooking up wiper jets


then it was time for a Flex test, not even at full bump! hahahah

little while later after a bunch of snow wheeling i snapped 2 chromollys at the same time
so replacement shaft comes, without the necessary hole in the shaft's flange
drilling through chromolly

3 hours of straight drilling later!!!


the most recent is this,
36's tore a bead so for $600 for 5 40" tires i couldnt pass it up
moved onto 40's and ready for leaf pack swap!

40 vs 36!

after some trimming and hacking of bushwackers they fit higher!

torchin bushings out, will be putting these in next week

now some wheelin pics and carnage (havent tested the 40's out yet)





more to come!!  . :MJ 1: .

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thanks guys!


and as for carnage, you stop when you break so thats when most pics are taken! lol

so far its always been something else, so I'm going through that repetitious cycle


more pics!


wheel spacers








leaf springs, metric ton packs with new bushings and my old ones






leaf pack swap done




adding balancing beads






went logging apparantly!




and some posers




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  • 4 months later...

well i had three,

either i lost one in the bush or some one took it while stumbling by one night :rotfl2:


seems like i havent updated in for ever!


got over 100 photos to upload haha!


so lately, ive been super busy with my rig

here's a short list of all the things i have done since my last update


new clutch flywheel and pilot bushing,


new starter and a/c compressor for my onboard air


put a detroit lsd in until i get my detroit locker rebuild parts


finished off all the ball joints and ujoints


upgraded my cooling system to a hi-flow system flo kooler water pump, hi flow tstat, ported and polished a new tsat housing and convertted to an open cooling system as well


new power steering pump, steering box, and and steering stabilizer, will do hydro assist in the near future


swapped my 89 ax15 with a 99 ax 15 just cause, which i learnt the clock angle i changed on the output flange on the 99 ax-15 had shifted,

which than put my tcase hanging lower than my frame :\ no more flat belly


rebuilt my tcase doubler and 241/231 combo tcases,

updated the doubler internals from a 99 np231, they were worn and needed a refresh (it should be good to go for another 17 years now!)


resealed my engine, valve cover, oil filter adapter, rear main, front main, and oil pan


put a new harmonic balancer on and probably a few more things,


that is where i am at now, will be putting 4.88 gears in soon, just waiting for the gears and install kits to get to do my door step!


and now for pictures!

(some of them were taken from my old cell phone aka a potato most are good tho!)


over hauls



tcase and tcase doubler
















random tcase assembly i built to show what is actually going on in a tcase (training aid)







engine and transmission
















cooling system upgrade







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seems like i havent been on in forever,

trucks still alive, doing the 97+ swap soon aswell just waiting for buddy to pull the parts he wants and ill start stripping everything out


here's bit of an update



Regear & yet another transmission swap



Had a pinion failure, back story on that.

Locker inner couplings were done so needed a carrier to get me to a 4x4 event that weekend so I swapped carriers and shimmed for backlash, on route to the event a bolt came loose and took out my pinion, these bolts I did not touch, so learns me to check if previous people remembered torque and Loctite

So I went with Yukon gear 4.88 gears for the front and rear to work better with the 40’s. at this time I took the time to rebuild my lockers for the front and rear as well, both of them had sheared couplings in them



-Transmission Swap

When I swapped the transmissions, I went to a 99 ax-15

My transfer case clocking angle was no good, it was sticking out lower than my cross member, so I no longer had the flat belly, and my rear bearing was shot as well, so out it came and the other one put back in, at that point I did more mods to my 2nd tcase and drilled and tapped for the 99 shift/lock mechanism



Vehicle inspection

So at one point I was taking a few friends out for a rip, I made the mistake of letting the police know how much my truck was able to flex in town, so I got a nice slip that told me I had 30 days to get a provincial inspection done, it took a bit of work, but nothing I couldn’t handle, the truck passed the inspection, in the department of transports eye it may be ugly, but it is safe, I did how ever lower the truck for the time being, just so my bumper level was closer to the ground, which meant I had to remove the ¾ elliptical setup at that time



Bumper straightening


So I ended up battling a telephone pole over the winter time, it was a stale mate, we both were still functional and both had battle scars from it, figured it was time to straighten it out again,I need to clean it up and weld it back together, at this time I'm rebuilding the front winch while its off.




Hand stuck in bumper, had to get my room mate to come out with some LPS to get it to slide out




Re lifting the truck


For my vehicle inspection, I had to remove my ¾ elliptical suspension. I wasn’t too happy about that because prior it has passed with it installed, but hey, not my stamp, so in went the big coils and 3/4 elliptical setup, plus new shackes and bushings (which I had to make on a lathe)



This truck from the ultimate adventure, I was his tour guide last year and actually got to drive it through whipsaw


Me in the rig!


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time to unload some more photos!
ive taken my rig out a few times this year and am chasing things as i go!

i managed to do one of my two annual whipsaw trips this year,
was just too busy to do the second!

first few photos are last min prep for whipsaw,

welding my bumper back together, first time using stick
at this point I'm a grinder and not a welder, but with more practice id like to get better

here's some shots of part of my winch rebuild, no wonder i wasnt pulling the full 9000lbs,
at this time i replaced all 4 relays as well

i mounted the bumper and winch up, re ran all my air lines off the compressor, then cleaned a few things up

here's a shot at the relay center i wired in quickly for all my auxillary stuff,
the wiring i was replacing was horrendous, lots of but splices and termanted wires
fog lights, onboard air and aux cooling fan, cleaned up and sheilded the wires after

here was a test drive down the road for the first time in 7 months, too Lordco

the next set of photos are from my thunder mountain trip! which was a blast
and a side by side shot of my cherokee and comanche!


here's a few from my camping trip, i need a film crew because i don't take photos of everything i crawled
so these are the only two i got

the rest is all from whipsaw and a few misc photos, again i did all the fun stuff trying to catch up to my group so not too many action shots


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