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My Radio Quit Working , Need Help :/

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so over the past couple of weeks I pulled my complete dashboard out of my mj and the HVAC unit (I think that's what its called) and replaced my heater core . . I finally got it all back together without pulling out too much of my hair but my radio is not working.. when I switch on my dash lights the radio lights up but its unresponsive when I attempt to power it on . . I need to know if theres anything I may have missed, what I should check , and which pins in the connector will let me know that I'm definitely getting power. any help is appreciated and its the stock radio I'm dealing with

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thanks for letting me know !! but I just went and looked over everything again and I feel like an idiot ! the radio worked before I started my heater core project so I thought there was NO WAY IT COULD BE THE FUSE!!! . . but somehow or another it was the fuse :(

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