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Internal Slave / Bellhousing Swap Question.

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I have a 92 MJ L6 4.0 5speed with the internal slave cylinder, I’ve been told and read up on this and other forums as much I could about this swap and think I have a good understanding of the process. My question is, I have a friend looking to get rid of his 96 Dodge Dakota, from what I know it has the same AX15 transmission with the external slave, however it has a 4L engine, does anyone have any information if this will still be a bolt on fit for the bellhousing?


Also, when replacing the clutch would I purchase one for a 92 or does it need to be a 96 for the updated parts?


Thanks for the help.

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AFAIK, none of the Dakota AX-15s used a bell housing compatible with a 4.0.


I think what you've been reading up on is referring to putting an AX-15 behind a 2.5 in place of an AX-4/5, which needs a 4 cylinder AX-15 Dakota bell.

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