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All Mopar Show In Graham, Wa

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I thank you guys for the great info, this forum has helped me out very much on my Jeep so far. I am an avid Mopar fan, both Modern and classic. My list of rigs includes...

1964 Plymouth Valiant
1965 Dodge Polara
1967 Plymouth Satellite
1986 HD Sportster
1987 Jeep Comanche W/ 5.2 V8
1993 Dodge Ram W250 Diesel
2000 Dodge Dakota R/T
2009 Challenger T/A
2011 Challenger SE

I work on all of them, and love them all. I also am a member of Mopars Unlimited, Tacoma which hosts an annual all Mopar Show.

Ok, here is the info for the All Mopar show in Frontier Park in Graham, WA on AUGUST 18th.


This year we have a great new food vendor, and a new dealership sponsor, Tacoma Dodge. They will have their parts department out there and a few feature SRT cars.

We also will have other great vendors, to include Rocket Restorations and many more. Laysons Restorations has once again jumped on board as a sponsor as well.

This will be the last year for us to have a one day show. Next year we will have a two day show with Saturday being reserved for 1980 and Newer Mopars, and Sunday still staying a classic Mopar show (1979 and older) this will give our show the opportunity to bring in more vendors and swap meet parts to help people complete their projects.

This also gives us the opportunity to have a few truck and Jeep only classes if there is enough support. The success and support of the expansion depends on great Mopar owners like everyone on this forum.

We look forward to seeing you out there.

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