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88 "Buffalo Hump"

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It's been awhile since I've updated this. Since last time I've upgraded to High Output everything, got new shoes for the old girl and plenty more to come. She's been collecting dust in my driveway the last couple years and I didn't like it. 


The donor: A 93 XJ



My MJ and its birdnest:




The flywheel change:



Mostly put back together, fixing the cancer is for another day:



Engine bay about finished up, and I added A/C:



Getting her ready to be a semi daily again:



Pretty stocky truck:



She needs the floors fixed, the paint redone, a locker for the front, shocks, this that and the other. Still alot of work to do to her, but she is coming along. Feels good to work on a Jeep again. 

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On 5/9/2018 at 11:08 AM, Pete M said:

sexy!  I love the LED pods on the rollbar rather than big lightbar.  old-school, but modern. :D  

Thanks, I thought the same thing when I got em. I'm really not a fan of those large light bars, they may be useful in come situations, but the majority of people I see with them have it as a status thing... Y'know, mall crawlers, mostly JKs.



23 hours ago, HOrnbrod said:

I wouldn't do anything to the exterior paint except clearcoat. Keep that patina.   :beerchug:

That wouldn't be a bad idea, but the paint is alot worse than it looks in the picture. Cracking and chipping paint from years of sun. When I took the fender flares off, I got a real glimpse of the original color of the truck. A really nice dark, glossy blue. I'd kill to have that color again, it would look fantastic. 

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Added some creature comforts, such as finally servicing the A/C I added awhile ago, and tinting the fronts to 27%, and the rear glass to 20%. Alot more comfortable now. I never realized how bad the paints been getting, though. That's coming soon.


ALSO, the MJ got a "little" sister!





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