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Urgent, Mount For Throw Out Bearing Broken

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I seem to have a problem with the throw out bearing staying attached to the pin on the BA 10. Also noticed that I think it is the same as the ax15? Just a hollow appearing half inch small pin on a round raised area on the front face of the trans. Buying O'reily parts and this is a new clutch kit. The slave has a strap that attaches to it. The strap keeps coming off the pin some how. Is there a remedy or a southern ingenuity fix for this? I consider putting a small screw into the top of the pin but if you break that pin off or split it out your going to be in a hell of a mess.


Quick answers are appreciated as I am paying for the lift by the hour. (19.95) We pulled it off the lift and rolled it out of the bay but we need to get back to it tomorrow.


James and Sugarfoot, Denton TX

Red 1988 MJ Pioneer

4.0 BA10 4x4

D30 and 35 stock

268,000 miles

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JB Weld was one of my thoughts it's better than duck tape, LOL . But was looking for more ideas. I have not done this work as I have a mechanic that is doing it. I am extremely busy at work and overtime is aplenty with this project, but I need my truck. It was cheaper to hire this guy as he did have some good experience but I just wonder if he did something wrong or just flat screwed up. But it looks like I'm going to have to do this myself. So to keep from loosing more time at the problem, I want to know my best plan when I get into it myself. any others ideas?

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southern ingenuity ??


There should be a retaing nut on the pin.It's not clear in the FSM whether it's a threaded nut on a threaded shaft or a push on "nut", like a circular snap ring type thing. All I know is that when I pulled my BA/10 out that the whole assembly just fell out.

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