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Georgia: '92 4.0 Ho, Ax-15, 2Wd

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 At this point somewhere around 6K miles/yr.  She gets driven to work 1-2 days each week, junkyard runs, and whenever I need to haul things around.  There have been a few periods where she wasn't driven much due to needed repairs.  The longest period was prior to the trans rebuild.  Not being able to shift into gear when warmed up and running made it very difficult to drive in any kind of appreciable traffic.



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once upon a time I built a similar thing out of wood beams.  loved it!  except for it didn't move. :(  it was just in the garage.  I had to lift the engine up and then push the whole truck backwards.  lol.  I need to make another, but like yours :D  

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  Been chasing some noises in the front end and also a notable deterioration in handling on the highway.  New track bar helped a lot with the handling.  Time will tell if the popping under the driver's side of the floor pan goes away.  The bushing on the old track bar had really compressed although the rubber still seemed to be in decent shape.

2021 new track bar.jpg

2021 track bar.jpg

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Getting pretty deep into both the noise and the odd handling.  One of the guide pins for the brake caliper was rusted solid and had to be beaten out of the bushing.  Interestingly the pads weren't abnormally worn and the bushing was still in good shape.  It was on the driver's side so another possible source of noise.  I also replaced the front U joints.  The noise is/was an occasional loud bang or pop from the driver's side in low speed, high angle turns (parking lot maneuvers).


  Handling is still a bit off, although better.  The steering damper was replaced in 2013 so that might be next.

guide pin.jpg

new u joint.jpg

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