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Installing Exhaust Manifold

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I'm installing a new exhaust system on my MJ including a new exhaust manifold, pipes, cat and muffler, all stock. Can this be done without disconnecting fuel line to the intake, the vacuum hoses and the throttle linkage? I'm thinking I may be able to slide the intake back a little, support it from above (couple of 2x4s across the fenders and some straps or rope) while removing/replacing the exhaust, and then slide it back in place and bolt on the manifolds with a new gasket.

What's the best way to do this?

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Possibly could be done that way, but I found it easiest to just pull the fuel rail (and electrical connectors) off the injectors,

disconnect the linkages and vacuum, and R&R both manifolds together. Leave the fuel lines attached to the rail. Be

careful not to overtorque the two (one in front and one in back) nuts onto the studs.

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Thanks for the feedback. Probably won't take that much longer to just pull everything off and will provide more working room to clean the gasket surfaces and studs/bolts, etc.


I think my manual has the torques for the studs and I believe I remember seeing different values for the outer studs.


Did you use Neversieze on the studs/bolts?

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yes I did use never seize. look thought my build thread and I have picture and some info of when I replaced my intake manifold. Also While your there IF your motor mounts are in bad shape I would highly suggest replacing them at the same time.



My build thread: http://comancheclub.com/topic/34531-1988-you-aint-chancin-unless-your-manchin-mj-build-pic-he/

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