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Washington Area Hangover Run.

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Were going to be doing a little hangover run on Tuesday the 1st. Plan is meet about 8-8:30 at Top Foods on the west side of Olympia. As of now the plan is just Tahuya. The point of this trip is to have a little fun with friends, get out and drive, and make it managable for rigs of ALL levels. Tahuya should be good for this considering everything of any challenge has a bypass. So if your up for some causual easy wheeling with a group of fun guys hit me up or see us there.

We will also stop at the grocery store on the y cutoff to Tahuya for a few minutes (rough guess about 9:30-45ish)


PM if you need my phone # to get it all arranged.


CB channel 13, backup channel 23.


Cheers, Jason

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Meeting at the Top Foods on the westside of Olypmia at 8am on tues. jan 1st. Pedal to the metal at 8:30 heading for Tahuya. Thanks to 4wheel parts we will have some swag to give away for the event.

Come on out to the first annual Hair of the dog hangover run.

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