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97+ Power Window & Lock Question

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Almost done with my 4+ year swap...good lord its been that long!


I've swapped over EVERYTHING from the 99 XJ. Motor, trans, dash, etc.


Does anything need to be done with the rear door wiring for the front doors to work? Right now the only thing that works is the passenger side door lock button. I've got nothing at all on the driver side (Still has the 4-door switches). I searched and searched on here to see if I need to loop the rear wires or do anything, but I've come up blank.


Any help is greatly appreciated!!!



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When I did mine, the windows and locks worked just fine. Did they work ok on the donor before you pulled everything? Are the plugs seated in the sockets good? No expierence myself, but ive heard the switch assemblies in the doors on 97+s can be problematic. Do you have a known working switch you can swap out to check? To answer your question about the rear door wiring, no. You do not need to do anything to the rear wiring to make the fronts work. This of course is assuming you still have the cross body harness intact.

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ground # 402 it the only all black wire from the driver window switch assembly. I'm guessing that it isnt hooked up.


Yep. The door locks and door lock relays are all in the Passenger Door Module(PDM)/passenger door switches. If the PDM works, but not the Driver Door Module(DDM) then the DDM wiring or module itself is suspect.

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Thanks a ton! I'll check the ground wire tonight!


I can get them to work manually, i.e. running a power wire to them, so I'll assume they are ok.


I'll report back tomorrow or later tonight. I always miss the little things like that.

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