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It is a load sensor. It should be hooked to a proportioning valve in the rear brake system. Purpose is to adjust the rear brakes for the load. Most hacks just remove it.


Fixed that for ya jimoshel...;)



Yes its purpose is to control brake bias depending on body tilt. When you jump on the brakes hard, the car tilts forward effectively shifting all the weight to the front wheels. If the braking force stays the same in the rear as it was when the car was level... the rear wheels will lock up and you will spin out and crash.

This little item was employed before ABS came about/was perfected. Id suggest leaving it there.

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You don't have much experience with that troublesome piece of crap do you? Wait till it starts acting up or you get an air bubble stuck in it.


You will find that they are usually bypassed on most of the trucks that came with them not just MJs,unless a rig is stock I reccomend removing it.once you go to larger tires you will want the extra braking power all the time. And no it won't make your truck spin out or slide.



Most people remove the rod and lock the lever where they want it but the best way to get rid if it is to remove the prop valve and replace with one from an XJ then you can remove the load sensing valve and abandon the extra brake line that goes to it.

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